Showroom Dubai 

A company with a global reach 

WorkLife Dubai is the Steelcase base to support all Middle East countries leveraging the product portfolio from USA, Europe and Asia. With this unique worldwide sourcing model we aspire to create great experiences wherever work happens.

The smart use of 234 square meters truly reflects our knowledge of trends in the office space and worker needs. The area has been designed to share the latest insights in collaborative engagement, showcasing award-winning product applications such as media:scape, c:scape and Fusion, among others.

Here we also celebrate our Healthcare products and environments solutions – Steelcase Health – being the first region to ramp up the brand globally.

At the mezzanine floor the focus is to showcase alternative work styles, inspiring people to change the perception from I-space into We-spaces: four workstations for seven employees – and it still works well for everyone.

Ahlan Wasahlan or welcome to WorkLife Dubai!

Steelcase Middle East
WorkLife Dubai
Design House Building
Dubai Media City
PO Box 502596
United Arab Emirates

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