You can depend on us. Our Products. Our Services. Our People. The Steelcase warranty is the strongest warranty in the industry...that you may never need!

Current Warranties

Global Products Warranty

Use the Global Products Warranty with customers who purchase select products for install around the world where the same warranty is required, regardless of location. Refer to the Global Products Warranty for a list of global products. Products that are not included in the Global Products Warranty are considered regional products and will continue to be covered under existing regional warranties, including Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, United Kingdom and Ireland. As a reminder, surface materials will continue to be covered in the regional warranties.

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Did you purchase from the Steelcase Store?

The Steelcase Store Warranty page can answer any questions you have about products purchased through our online store.

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People + Planet

Steelcase’s Limited Lifetime Warranty policy aligns with our sustainability promise to design for circularity. By making products that can be repaired and reused overtime, and allowing for lifetime extension, our furniture can remain in environments where work happens, and out of landfills.

It is a reassurance that the products you buy will last as long as we intended.

Learn more about Steelcase’s commitments to people + planet