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Watch: 3 Ways Scrap Creates Beauty + Sustainability

Three hidden gems show us how previously unwanted material can create the most desired spaces. Television shows such as “Fixer

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A New Leadership Prototype

Watch: Can Your Workspace Make You a Better Leader?

The workplace can be used as a tool to help leaders lead better and, in turn, help others around them

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LinkedIn Designs New Workplaces for the Five Senses

Research on sensorial design helps LinkedIn create offices that boost wellbeing and engagement. “It’s all about turning on the senses

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Higher Ed Harnesses the Power of Physical Space

Best practices for designing to improve performance and wellbeing at work can also be applied to education. Sara Armbruster, Vice

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360 Magazine Issue 71 Office Renaissance

5 Reasons Your Office Has Changed

Office construction and remodeling numbers are up in the United States. An office renaissance is underway and changes are happening

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Polyvision Public Art

Public Art Promotes Drive for Human Creativity

New public art is drawing from local communities to deliver meaning in vibrant, long-lasting ways. Paris has the Eiffel Tower,

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Design, Materiality + Performance Inspire at Work

How a space performs is just as critical as how it looks and feels. Why are some parts of the

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Sustainability: People + Purpose Driving Growth

Discovering new ways to drive growth is the next era of sustainability. Kim Dabbs’ own journey from homeless teen to

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Girls Garage

Girls Garage: Stereotype Busting Design

Steelcase Education and One Workplace helped create a successful and inspiring maker space for young girls. This article was originally

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Thread and Node

Future Focus: 3 Skills for Tomorrow’s Classroom

Looking ahead, three skills may prepare future learners for a highly unpredictable, hypercompetitive world.   As a manager in Steelcase’s

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Quiet Spaces

Infographic: Reimagining How Leaders Work

Leaders are working in new ways to create a more agile workforce and boost employee engagement. In this ever-changing business

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Active Learning Center Grant Launches Third Cycle

The Active Learning Center Grant helps create effective, rewarding and inspiring classrooms. Old norms are giving way to a deeper,

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