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Creative Spaces

Photos: Inspiration Behind Creative Spaces

Like every organization, each Creative Spaces application will be unique. Photos take you inside the initial five Creative Spaces.

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TED - Creativity

TED2017 Produces Creative Inspiration

From Pope Francis to rock band OK Go, creative inspiration radiated from the TED2017 stage.

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A New Leadership Prototype

Listen: Empower Executives to Lead in Better Ways

As approaches to leadership evolve in the new world of work, it’s critical the office also evolves to support new expectations, challenges and behaviors.

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Jim Keane

Watch: Jim Keane on Fueling Sustainable Innovation

Steelcase’s CEO writes about how inclusiveness, authenticity and transparency benefit us all and fuel sustainable innovation.

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Artificial Intelligence + Our Future

TED2017: Artificial Intelligence + Our Future

TED2017 highlighted ways artificial intelligence is changing our world at home, at work and with one another.

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Casper Cloaking Technology: Privacy + Transparency

Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex allows for the perfect balance of openness and confidentiality with a dash of magic.

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Patient Room

New Health Insights: Families Face Unmet Needs

New observations identify challenges with patient room design and provide perspective on how the physical environment can help.

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Rapid Liquid Printing

MIT Lab + Steelcase Yield 3D Printing Breakthrough

A new 3D printing process developed by MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and Steelcase breaks the constraints of traditional 3D printing.

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Grand Valley State University Library

A Student’s Story on Active Learning

How the Grand Valley State University library helped me collaborate, create, and learn in a variety of ways.

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Boyce Middle School

Award-Winning Teacher Motivates with Active Learning

“The Steelcase Active Learning Classroom is going to start an entire movement of new makers and creators in our community.”

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Making It Through a Busy Work Day

How to Thrive in a Busy Working World

Listen to a typical day at work for one busy manager to understand the Office Renaissance and why it matters to workers everywhere.

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James Ludwig

Three Minute Video: ‘Create Spaces Like Workshops’

The workplace needs to support the creation of ideas by connecting people with each other and with information.

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