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Steelcase Series 2

Steelcase Series 2 is an attainable, high-performing task chair that can be personalized with extensive style choices.

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Sarto Screen

Sarto Screens are an attractive way to create visual separation across the open office. Worksurfaces can be wrapped on three sides to protect workers and provide maximum privacy. Now available with privacy screens at 24, 30 and 36 inches high.

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Pivot Screen

Part privacy partition and part whiteboard, the Turnstone Pivot Screen is that rare accessory that can be useful in more ways than one.

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Osso Chair

The Osso collection includes a chair, an armchair, stools and a complete range of tables.

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Steelcase Powerstrip Plus

Available in multiple configurations, Steelcase Powerstrip Plus provides various options for easily powering all types of devices above the worksurface.

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Steelcase Universal Cable Management Kit

The Steelcase Universal Cable Management Kit mounts beneath worksurfaces with a hinged design that flips down to provide easy access to cords and cables when needed.

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Bivi Height-Adjustable Desk

The Bivi Height-Adjustable Desk adds another option for postural change to the Bivi collection. For those who want to sit less and stand more, it’s a solid, smooth-flowing solution.

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Steelcase Flex Mobile Power

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power is a sleek, smart mobile power solution that gives teams and individuals the freedom to work anywhere they want.

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Medici Chair

Structure turns into form. Medici is conceived as a low chair with a comfortably reclined posture.

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Find and reserve space with confidence. RoomWizard is a room scheduling solution that makes it easier to get where you need to go.

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Simple Stool

Stackable four high, Simple Stool is a lightweight, practical solution that can be easily added to any space.

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Soffio Screen

With a distinct soft look and sleek curved corners, Soffio Screens offer a beautiful, flexible way to provide privacy in open floorplans.

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Steelcase Flex Screens

Steelcase Flex Screens offer infinite possibilities for space division, personal privacy and visual display. Now available in 24 and 30 inch widths to provide instant, temporary and user-moveable boundary.

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Leva Chair

Leva is designed ergonomically: its steam-bent arms, made of a single piece of machined timber, are slightly inclined, widening in the middle to form a comfortable, supportive backrest.

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Steelcase Health

Separation Screens

Separation Screens offer a protective barrier between people to aid infection-control in both healthcare and corporate environments. Optional cutouts allow users to conveniently transfer documents and small items.​ Now available as a Desktop Separation Screen.

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Primo Chair

Primo epitomizes the archetypal chair. Its design comprises of only the most basic elements: four legs, seat and backrest.

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Corrugated Curtain

Designed by Steelcase Studio, Corrugated Curtain is a versatile, modest screen that can be installed in under a minute – making it the ideal interim solution in a constantly changing world.

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Branca seating

Branca is made from a single piece of wood produced robotically and its back leg supports the critical joints of the armrest, the seat and the back.

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Simple Chair

Stackable four high, Simple Chair is a lightweight, practical solution that can be easily added to any space.

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Sylvi Lounge

Designed with performance in mind, Sylvi Lounge System provides privacy, postural support and connection with its upbeat and angular style.

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