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Steelcase Universal Cable Management Kit

by Steelcase

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    The Steelcase Universal Cable Management Kit mounts beneath worksurfaces with a hinged design that flips down to provide easy access to cords and cables when needed.

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    Beneath most desks in the modern workplace is a growing chaos of cords. The Steelcase Universal Cable Management Kit makes neat work of power access. The cable management tray mounts discreetly under all Steelcase worksurfaces, fixed or height-adjustable.

    Use with Steelcase Powerstrip Plus to add convenient USB-C, USB-A and standard power outlets above the worksurface and utility power below – with one-cord-out simplicity.


    Two tray sizes accommodate four to nine utility power outlets. Inside, outlets slide securely into mounting slots and smart straps keep cords compact. The tray’s hinged design folds open for easy access and snaps shut when you’re done.

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