Steelcase, Bolia Deliver More Choices at Work

Steelcase announces a new relationship with Danish design company, Bolia, to deliver Scandinavian design, broad choice and convenience.

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Workers today are under tremendous stress (Rand Corp.) and the most engaged employees are seeking places to work outside the traditional office (Gallup). Yet, we also know employers are pulling people back to the workplace (NPR, Wall Street Journal) to collaborate and accelerate development. The drive for innovation and creativity has organizations seeking to create environments that inspire and support creative work. Today, Steelcase announced a new relationship with Bolia, a contemporary Danish furniture designer and maker, to deliver Scandinavian design, broad choice and convenience when creating a workplace people will love.

Today, people expect different things from their offices. They are seeking environments that make them feel good, in addition to supporting the new ways in which they are working. They want reminders of home while still having the privacy, ergonomics and technologies they need to do their best work. Spaces that blend design and materiality without compromising performance can inspire new ways of thinking and fuel creativity.

“Designing informal spaces that blend commercial and residentially-inspired products can be a time consuming and laborious task. This new relationship helps architects and designers by combining convenient access with reliable, commercial distribution at scale – improving access to fresh and beautiful furnishings that can transform any space,” said Yvan Stehly, Vice President, EMEA Marketing.

Bolia uses its Nordic heritage to create atmospheres built on warmth and bold and luxurious materials. Materiality helps to deliver a genuine, personal feeling within a space. Today’s workers want to feel a connection to the places where they work, where they can see themselves in the space, versus something that feels imposed upon them.

“With a shared love for design, quality and creativity, Bolia products complement Steelcase beautifully,” said Lars Lyse Hansen, CEO, Bolia. “We’re incredibly excited about the new relationship with Steelcase. Together, we can transform offices into creative, inspiring places to work.”

Steelcase partners with a diverse network of thought-leaders and organizations around the world. These partners enrich its offering, contribute to continuous learning and promise greater value to Steelcase customers. Bolia is the latest of recently announced global and regional Steelcase partners.

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