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We Believe that Change Can Come from Truly Enriching the Moments that Matter Most.

Healthcare is experiencing rapid change that can often feel overwhelming. At Steelcase Health, we look for the changes that are possible.

Changes that are meaningful.
Changes that are personal.
Changes that can be pivotal for the people involved.

We study the places that support health and then deliver insights, applications and solutions designed to create moments that can lead to change. Moments that enhance the wellbeing, empathy and connection of clinicians, patients and families.

We believe in the power of place.

Featured Products

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media:scape CULLED

media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for greater collaboration and productivity than ever before.
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Eastside Beam

Eastside Beam is perfect for your reception areas and waiting rooms. The shapes, the dimensions of the cushions and its armrests make it very comfortable.
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Mobile Elements CULLED

Mobile Elements is a family of mobile and multi-purpose tools. They support every collaboration situation. All of the Mobile Elements offer easy and direct access to power, space for storing material, food, drink and other stationery.
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Westside meeting chair is composed of a single shell with just the right shape, angle and flexibility to provide maximum comfort. Its flexible and ergonomic shape is ideal for busy places where people use seating in many different ways.
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FlipTop Twin

FlipTop Twin is a clever and flexible table for meeting or training rooms. It is very intuitive: the top can be flipped from both sides, to both sides. Once the top is flipped, the tables can be stored in a space saving way.
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B-Free furniture forms neighbourhoods within the workplace. Seating, desk, tables and screens create spaces where people easily connect and collaborate
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The i2i collaborative office chair was designed to foster collaboration. Users stay more engaged and can retain eye-to-eye contact and eye to information thanks to the unique i2i dual swivel mechanism.


Radical Transformation in Healthcare

A Radical Transformation Is Taking Place in Healthcare

Healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace and changing on almost every front. As changing dynamics add complexity to an already complex industry, the challenges that healthcare organizations face are greater than ever. Addressing high-priority issues is key to developing a strategy for sustainable success.

Our seminal Healthcare: Time for Change Insights and Applications Guide combines insights and practical solutions yielded from 18 studies and 15,000 of research.

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Clinician Privacy

Prescribing Clinician Privacy: Taking care of the caretaker

In fast-paced healthcare work environments, the need for privacy is evident – and hard to come by.  Steelcase Health offers an innovative new approach for improved clinician efficiency, accuracy, satisfaction and overall wellbeing. It’s designed to empower clinicians, connect them to technology and to each other and, ultimately, to create more connected patient care. And privacy is a very important part of the story.

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Clinician Safety

Supporting the Safety + Wellbeing of Nurses and Clinicians

As the wave of change shifts our healthcare system from diagnosis and treatment to prevention and wellness, clinicians and nurses play a key role in shaping the healthcare environment and the patient experience.

Clinicians and nurses are highly susceptible to workplace injuries. While we look to advance our healthcare model, experience and environment, it’s important to also consider the professional caregiver.

Steelcase Health conducted a survey of U.S. and Canadian clinicians to understand the challenges clinicians and nurses face while at work and to quantify evaluate perceptions of potential risks to both their and their patients’ wellbeing.

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Helping You Create a Connected Healthcare Solution

Steelcase offers a number of programs to provide you with the best solutions – right when you need them. We can help you explore your options, apply the right products, and ensure your investment is delivered, installed and maintained.

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Exam Spaces
Clinician Workspaces
Patient Rooms
Oncology Treatment Spaces
Waiting Places

Exam Spaces

Exam Spaces

At the Center of the Healthcare Experience

No longer just a place for medical exams and treatments, the exam room is also a space where consulting, learning and person-to-person sharing happen.

Whether in a doctor’s office, urgent care center,  surgery center, or emergency room, exam rooms are hardworking, high-functioning spaces that support the activities and relationships that create connected, satisfying and effective healthcare experiences.

View our Insights + Applications Guide to learn more.

Clinician Workspaces

Clinician Workspaces

Clinicians’ Work is Highly Varied + Demanding

In a changing healthcare industry, there is increased need for a range of  spaces that are suited to the dynamic roles and relationships that clinicians switch between during a shift. Space for collaboration. Space for focus. Space for respite.

For organizations driving improvement through their operations, clinician workplaces can be a strategic asset for increased effectiveness, which in turn has a positive impact on patient care and satisfaction.

View our Insights + Applications Guide to learn more.

Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms

Healing, Teaching + Learning

Patient rooms are intimate environments where patients, families and clinicians come together around care. At their best, they are environments that aid a patient’s recovery, improve how clinicians do jobs and welcome family members as active participants in care.

By integrating hospitality, empowerment and comfort throughout the space, well-designed patient rooms can provide better experiences and enhance a hospital’s reputation for delivering quality care.

View our Insights + Applications Guide to learn more.

Oncology Treatment Spaces

Oncology Treatment Spaces

A Person-Centered Approach to Care

Instead of a “one-room-fits-all” approach, oncology treatment centers are now designed as an ecosystem of spaces to serve a wide range of people with different needs and preferences.

A suite of oncology treatment applications accommodates many scenarios, from private treatment areas to communal spaces that encourage patients to form friendships, personal support networks and help humanize this segment of the healthcare journey.

View our Insights + Applications Guide to learn more.

Waiting Places

Waiting Places

The Journey is More Than the Point of Care

Patients and their families are frequently left waiting. Waiting to meet with their care provider. Waiting for a diagnosis. Waiting to receive information or literature. And the places where they wait are often uncomfortable and unappealing.

Instead of simply waiting, these times can be put to more productive use as places where people can connect with others, absorb information and ready themselves for the next step in the journey.

View our Insights + Applications Guide to learn more.

Resources + Support

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

All Children’s Hospital

All Children’s Hospital delivers a new facility that combines innovative design and patient-focused care – all with the goal of never going out-of-style.

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Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

With a project budget of approximately $200 million, Advocate Lutheran General, already a U.S. News and World Report “Top 50” hospital, was ready to re-evaluate how they delivered its patient care, focusing on developing a patient-centered, private room model with a sustainable structure.

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King Hamad University Hospital

King Hamad is a 311 beds University Hospital, and part of the bold development plans which the Kingdom of Bahrain has seen in the health sector. See how Nurture by Steelcase — Middle East — in collaboration with Inoui & Neo-Designs, worked together to create a strongly focused patient care center by using evidence based design as a road map.

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