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Get to know the four newest names in the West Elm Work Collection.

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Brighton, Belle, Boardwalk, Sterling. Meet the newest additions to the West Elm Work Collection—four names you’ll definitely want to get to know. Designed by West Elm and brought to life by Steelcase, these newest lounge seating and office seating options showcase how the partners are able to meet a wide variety of customer needs adding to an already robust collection.

Since fall 2018, the partnership has launched 50+ pieces as part of the West Elm Work Collection including West Elm Work Greenpoint private office and benching. Together, West Elm and Steelcase are able to stay in touch with what people want and design, develop and bring to market new, modern solutions for today’s workplace.

“Our close connection with our customers gives us unique insight into what people crave in their spaces,” says Cheryl Carpenter, vice president at West Elm. “Our residentially-inspired creations expand the West Elm Work Collection and are the latest example of our partnership with Steelcase in action.”

With features including plush cushions, modern lines and a minimalistic feel, these new designs create stylish spaces that pull you in and make you feel at home during the workday. Plus, you’ll find places that stand up to the rigors of the workplace, designed to help you get work done by supporting you, your colleagues and your technology. So, whether you’re finishing a few emails or catching up with a coworker, you always feel welcome in a space that performs to the highest of standards.

“Today’s employees are looking for a workplace that’s more inviting. It’s not about formality or informality, it’s about redefining what’s inspiring. Spaces where you want to be rather than where you need to be. West Elm Work offers that kind of choice and control, with options for designers and clients to dial up or down design, materiality and performance,” says Brian Shapland, general manager of ancillary partners at Steelcase.

Ready to find your new favorite seat?

Carpenter and Shapland helped to host a tour of the West Elm Work Collection at NeoCon 2019. Come on in, have a seat and get to know these new designs.

The West Elm Work Collection debuted in fall 2018. Since then, West Elm and Steelcase have launched West Elm Work Greenpoint for the open plan and private office. Now, Brighton, Belle, Boardwalk and Sterling add to the collection’s modern aesthetic with lasting workplace durability for easily customizable, high-performance social spaces.

Featuring soft curves and supple details, West Elm Work Belle offers a stylish retreat when you need a break from your desk. Instantly enhance any space with this modular sectional that supports solo work and small, collaborative clusters.

Pillow-like cushions inspired by Japanese zaisu sit atop a simple wooden platform, creating a contemporary minimalist escape. West Elm Work Boardwalk’s modular system provides plenty of seating, table surfaces and power access that can be tailored to your space.

West Elm Work Sterling’s sculptural silhouette and retro-inspired base brings a mid-century aesthetic to the modern office. Inspired by one of West Elm’s best-selling products and adapted for the workplace, Sterling comes with a curated list of finish options for personalized expression.

A contemporary take on mid-century style, West Elm Work Brighton’s chairs, table surfaces and sofas work together to form endless configurations. Personalize even more by mixing materials, finish and fabric choices, and deco-friendly metal accents to create a completely unique look you won’t find anywhere else.

Want more? Explore the entire West Elm Work Collection.

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