The Quantified Self – the Future of Healthcare?

Do you keep track of the food you eat by counting calories? Or measure the number of steps you take

FaceTime on iPad Allows For Mother-Newborn Connection

Applications like Skype or GoToMeeting, that allow you to connect face-to-face with a far-off friend or colleague, have become ubiquitous

The Smartphone Physical A Hit At NeoCon

We partnered with a team from Medgadget during NeoCon to perform mini Smartphone Physicals as an effort to demonstrate how space

The Power of Influence: Patients as Consumers

For the last two decades, healthcare has been transitioning to a consumer-driven model. The vision is one to which we

Mobile Health: More Than Just Hype

PricewaterhouseCoopers: “Our analysis of mHealth reveals mobile is positioned to have a huge impact on how healthcare is delivered.” When

Healthcare: Making Every Moment Meaningful

Timed to coincide with NeoCon, Steelcase published the latest edition of its 360 Magazine,  with a key article focused on healthcare

The Design Intent Behind Steelcase Health Spaces at NeoCon

Hyun Yoo, a senior Industrial Designer at Steelcase Health, was the principal designer for Steelcase Health’s space at NeoCon this

NeoCon 2013: Day One

Steelcase Health’s Director of Industrial Design Alan Rheault leads a group through the Steelcase Health showroom. Alan led the charge in

It Matters: Helping Patients Engage in Their Own Care

There is a reason the February issue of Health Affairs magazine called the concept of patient activation and engagement the