Aligning Healthcare Environments to Meet People’s Needs

Healthcare environments possess the ability to empower their inhabitants, as was detailed in the recent Steelcase 360 Magazine article “Exam

Shared-Decision Making — A Method to Creating Positive Outcomes

“No Decision About Me Without Me,” a directive for patient care from Prime Minister Clegg of the Netherlands.  The vision

Regard Installed at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport!

As you know, Steelcase Health has just launched Regard, and one of its first installations is at the Gerald R. Ford

Empath on Tour: Dispatch Two

Empath is in the midst of a tour around the country, stopping in 13 markets to share Steelcase Health’s research and

TEDMED Expands Reach for Healthcare Innovation

Spring generally means two things for us at Steelcase Health: warmer weather and TEDMED – two things we eagerly look forward to!

3 Exciting Features of the Doctor’s Office of the Future

Imagine if your doctor’s office more resembled an upscale neighborhood bookstore or coffee shop than the dull, sterile environment you

Empath on Tour: Dispatch One

Empath is in the midst of a tour around the country, stopping in 13 markets to share Steelcase Health’s research

Patient Discomfort and How Common Areas Can Help

Picture a hospital waiting room. What do you see? A long, uncomfortable wait? Or do you see a beautiful space anticipating

Patient Disconnect and How to Better Use Common Areas

In my general practitioner’s office, as well as my children’s pediatrician’s office, the common waiting spaces are filled with rows

Patient Isolation + How Technology Can Solve It

All of us have had healthcare experiences, likely coming from both sides of the equation — as the patient or