Steelcase Jeraisy Ltd
2nd industrial city, Street # 258
P.O. Box 355102 Riyadh 11383 – Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966-11-265-0031

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Who We Are and What We Do

Steelcase Jeraisy Ltd. (SJL) was established in 1994 as a joint venture between Jeraisy Group and Steelcase Inc. It is the only Steelcase manufacturing facility in the Middle East and follows global operations standards set by Steelcase.

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Steelcase Jeraisy Ltd. Operations

The plant is known for its state-of-the-art equipment — part of the latest industrial system available in the industry. As market leaders, we are committed to investing in our capabilities to ensure operational excellence.

To ensure quality, consistency, and speed, we own the region’s best sheet metal processing cells and Robotic welding cells. Our powder coating system is the largest in the region and has been highlighted by a number of research projects. SJL is the first in the region to make soft foam for all of our chair portfolio’s foam requirements. Pouring the shape of the foam we need for each piece is both art and science.

We are among the first in our industry to be certified for ISO14001 in the Kingdom. We are committed to the core value of “protect the environment” while, at the same time, also respecting other foundational values central to Steelcase. Our Recycle, Reuse and Reduce strategy supports our Environmental Management System (EMS) to sustain and continuously improve our environmental performance.

Products Manufactured in Saudi Arabia

We believe in studying how work is changing to create places that help people have a great experience at work. We aspire to create great employee experiences wherever work happens by designing high performance and sustainable work environments.

Steelcase Jeraisy manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative products and applications to provide our customers with easy access to a broad range of choices.

Steelcase Jeraisy is here to help you with fresh new looks to reimagine your office space.


Amia & Amia Air
B Free Ancillary


FrameOne Bench
Fusion Bench


FrameOne Desk
Fusion Desk with Partito Rail
Migration height-adjustable desk

Space division

Partito Screen


Volum Art


Worktools 1+1

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Our Research

We research innovation at work to share what we’re learning with our customers.

Our research-based insights inform our design and manufacturing of products, applications and experiences for the world’s leading organizations in business, education, and health.

We also partner with other leading brands to enrich our portfolio and provide easy access to more choices for our customers, all while supporting the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of their people and optimizing the value of their real estate.

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