WorkSpace Futures team 

Discover. Develop. Demonstrate.  

WorkSpace Futures Research Team

Our WorkSpace Futures research team is broken into three groups, each with a specific focus. We found that the best way to learn about the workplace is to study the ways people really work. Nothing is more interesting to us than digging deep and trying to figure out how space can make the work experience great.

Discoveries Group

Our Discoveries group consists of engineers, scientists and other quantitative professionals who focus on "big ideas" and how they may play out over time. The group runs two laboratories: an ergonomics lab and a discovery lab that tests new ways architecture, technology and furniture may influence social, spacial and informational factors within a working environment. This group also includes a European research counterpart.

Explorations Group

Our Explorations group is a set of dedicated design researchers who study market trends and conduct primary observations in real work environments to identify unmet user needs. They use analytical frameworks to synthesize findings into key insights and create design principles that guide the development of evidence-based applications and products. The Explorations group also runs a User Lab dedicated to bring the seat of best practice for user-centered design within Steelcase.

Perspective Group

The Perspective Group develops and shares a point of view on the larger topics that frame our core business and research agenda. These topics serve as one point of consolidation and integration for research on the world of work, workers and workplace. Primarily concerned with the crossing point of the work experience and the human and organizational activities by which value is created, this group puts a public face on our research.