SILQ: A Canvas for Individual Expression

The sculpting and tailoring of the new SILQ chair creates an opportunity for designers to express their unique vision.

While sculptural and sophisticated in design, the essential simplicity of the new SILQ™ chair creates a canvas for individual expression. Steelcase designed and engineered SILQ to replace traditional mechanisms in task chairs with something more natural. Through a breakthrough in materials science, now a patent-pending process, the team invented a new material and process to deliver a chair built simply — responding to the inputs of the human body without the need to make lots of adjustments to the chair itself.

“It’s a beautiful silhouette and some people see the inspirations behind the artistry; race cars, gliders and Noguchi sculptures to name a few,” said James Ludwig, vice president of Global Design & Engineering for Steelcase.

Available in both a carbon fiber and the new high-performance polymer, the range of material combinations that allow designers to tailor their vision is unprecedented. They can go from one end of the design spectrum to the other. The sculpting and tailoring of the chair itself design process crafts opportunities for designers to express a unique look.


Optimistic + Fresh

Your imagination has no limits with the variety of material combinations available for SILQ. This “surf shop” inspired version of SILQ fits people who want to express an optimistic, fresh and spontaneous personality.

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Rebellious + Bold


Express a new raw energy at work with rebellious and moody influences in materiality and by using Designtex digitally printed fabric to convey creative ideas.

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Confident + Sophisticated

The alluring silhouette of SILQ creates a sense of sophistication in the office and it comes with the confidence that no matter where you sit, you’ll feel good.

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Honest + Welcoming


Looking for a calmer comfort? This Copenhagen-influenced style invites you to sit, feel at home and experience the Danish concept of “hygge.” Understated and elegant, SILQ fits anyone, anywhere in the workplace.

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