Paint, texture, color and fabric can breathe new life into an old space. Warm, humanistic and natural materials are layered together to create inspiring spaces where people want to work. In our offering, we strive to encourage authenticity, promote personalization, support sustainability, and improve emotional wellbeing.​

Sustainable Materiality​

New Black
Textured Industrial Laminates​
Paint With Purpose​

New Black

New Black

The boucle yarns bring a warm, comfortable, and humanizing aesthetic to the office environment. To create these textiles, panel fabric scraps from the Steelcase production process are respun into black thread. Paired with white recycled polyester thread, New Black is made of 100% recycled material and powers a strong circular economy story. ​

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Textured Industrial Laminates​

Textured Industrial Laminates​

To continue our efforts toward more sustainable materials – the reclaimed finishes tell a unique story of sustainability. The production process uses small fragments of post-production solid color paper that would otherwise have gone to waste. Paper chips are re-used to create a new paper sheet that is 30% reclaimed material. This paper technique uses small-batch craft production so that each sheet is unique and natural.

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Paint With Purpose​

Paint With Purpose​

Working with one of our paint suppliers, Steelcase is reclaiming powder coat paint and eliminating 97,000 pounds of paint waste annually – a total landfill reduction of 91%.​

By adding 2% black powder coat to our powder coat waste, we are able to reuse the new paint formulation on Steelcase Answer junctions, without causing any visual change.

New Materials

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Warm Laminates​

As we continue to intentionally warm up our palette, we are introducing two new laminates with matching edge band that complement our new paints. Additionally, we are bringing back our Warm White Laminate with a matching edge band. By pairing our Mocha paint with Satin Mocha laminate, we are able to offer a fourth, warm monochromatic color scheme.

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New Neutrals ​

We’ve added a selection of grounding neutrals that balance our paint portfolio and present a set of timeless, warm and soft tones that often resemble places of comfort. These new neutrals can act as a foundation for bright accents or be layered together in tone-on-tone combinations.​

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New Accent Paints​

​We’ve added a collection of 6 accent paint colors that were carefully designed to evoke different aspects of nature’s beauty from the world around us. Colors that feel neutral and can seamlessly layer and support other materials, without being the spotlight.

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Material Cleanability

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All Steelcase standard soft surfaces can be cleaned with a simple 4-step process.

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All Steelcase standard hard surfaces can be disinfected with one of 5 EPA-approved, commonly available sprays.


Our Material Offerings: Standard, Select and Custom

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Standard Surfaces

Our standard portfolio features innovative, sustainable materials designed by Steelcase to suit any setting.

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Select Surfaces

Steelcase’s graded-in program offers a curated collection of custom materials from top industry suppliers.These materials have been pre-priced and pre-tested for use on Steelcase products. Graded-in Fabrics have varying lead times and are warranted differently by each supplier.

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About Our Select Surfaces Leather Offerings

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Custom Surfaces

Our Custom Surfaces program can support nearly any material, including fabric, vinyl, leather, laminate, paint and stain. These materials have varying lead times and are warranted differently by each supplier.

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Steelcase purchased Designtex in 1988, and in the three decades since, our companies have collaborated on some of the most innovative textiles and wallcoverings on the market.

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