Introducing Intermix - a proprietary performance textile that is central to Steelcase Karman’s performance, comfort and aesthetic.

Intermix is Beyond Mesh

About Intermix
Intermix Technology
Intermix Options

About Intermix

About Intermix

Intermix is a proprietary performance textile that is exclusive for Steelcase Karman, and central to its performance, comfort and aesthetic. It’s not mesh. It’s beyond mesh.

Intermix creates perfect tension to the seat and back frame using a patented technology that creates ideal ergonomic support – it never sags or feels stiff.

Over a dozen proprietary textile colors in translucent, opaque and color-shifting options give you more choices than any leading mesh chair.

Intermix Technology

Intermix Technology

Intermix is a proprietary performance textile that is exclusive for Steelcase Karman, and central to its performance, comfort and aesthetic. It’s not mesh. It’s beyond mesh.

Intermix creates perfect tension to the seat and back frame using a patented technology that creates ideal ergonomic support – it never sags or feels stiff.

Over a dozen proprietary textile colors in translucent, opaque and color-shifting options give you more choices than any leading mesh chair.

Intermix Options

Intermix Options

Unlike traditional mesh, the versatility in Intermix’s proprietary weaving process results in a platform for diversity and expression. Intermix offers an industry-leading color range that allows Steelcase Karman to fit a wide range of spaces.

The unique weaving process results in three variations of Intermix:

  • Intermix is classic and translucent with a more traditional mesh look and feel.
  • Intermix Opaque is luxurious and residential with the hand-feel of upholstery.
  • Intermix Shift is color-shifting and provocative with a dynamic visual that changes with light and viewing angle.

From Ocean to Office

About Intersection Fabric
About Duvaltex

About Intersection Fabric

About Intersection Fabric

Each yard of Intersection fabric removes up to 1/2 pound of marine waste from the oceans.

Steelcase co-created Intersection with Duvaltex, our long-time partner in creating sustainable materials.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. First, SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with ocean clean-up programs to collect marine litter and turn it into Upcycled Marine Plastic, then into yarn.
  2. Duvaltex weaves that SEAQUAL® YARN into Intersection fabric, using their proprietary Clean Impact Textiles™ technology.

For more information, see the article in 360.

To order samples, visit our Finish Library.



SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique, collaborative community of individuals, organizations and companies working together to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine litter and highlight those helping to fight it. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE helps to clean our oceans by transforming marine litter into Upcycled Marine Plastic, a new, fully traceable sustainable raw material.

Marine litter from our beaches, the ocean floor and surface, and from rivers and estuaries, is collected by clean-up programs. The plastic portion is sorted, cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic at SEAQUAL INITIATIVE approved facilities. SEAQUAL@ YARN containing Upcycled Marine Plastic is woven into Intersection fabric.

To learn more about the SEAQUAL Initiative story, visit

About Duvaltex

About Duvaltex

Duvaltex is North America’s largest office furniture textile manufacturer and a pioneer in sustainable textile engineering. Under the umbrella of their CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ sustainability brand, their goal is to reduce the environmental impact of textile manufacturing as much as possible by innovating the way products are sourced, manufactured and disposed of at the end of their useful life.

Duvaltex and Steelcase have a rich history of collaborating on groundbreaking sustainable materials. Together, we introduced a Cradle to Cradle™ certified product in 2005, and Loop to Loop in 2011, a material made using the first closed loop system for capturing and recycling textile waste back into first-quality goods. We also introduced the New Black textile collection in 2017, a bleach-cleanable material created entirely from Steelcase scrap fabric.

Intersection is Duvaltex’s first ocean waste product under its CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ brand. For more information regarding CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™, visit

New Materials

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Cast Shadow​

​This unique Price Grade 3 paint breaks the stigma of (im)perfections in materiality by proudly displaying the rawness of metal and celebrating the craftmanship and markings found in manufacturing. ​

​To learn more about this finish click here

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Stencil is a bleach-cleanable fabric for panels and screens. Its visual ranges from a subtle linen-like structure to highly contrasting yarns that provide a bold graphic. Price Grade 2.

View Stencil in the Finish Library

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fingerprintless technology

Satin Laminate is embedded with fingerprintless technology and has an ultra-matte finish that’s soft to the touch. Available in 4 neutrals on all products with high-pressure laminate as an option. Price Grade 3.

View Satin Laminates in the Finish Library

Material Cleanability

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All Steelcase standard soft surfaces can be cleaned with a simple 4-step process.

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All Steelcase standard hard surfaces can be disinfected with one of 5 EPA-approved, commonly available sprays.


Our Material Offerings: Standard, Select and Custom

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Standard Surfaces

Our standard portfolio features innovative, sustainable materials designed by Steelcase to suit any setting.

View Standard Surfaces in the Finish Library

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Select Surfaces

Steelcase’s graded-in program offers a curated collection of custom materials from top industry suppliers.These materials have been pre-priced and pre-tested for use on Steelcase products. Graded-in Fabrics have varying lead times and are warranted differently by each supplier.

View Select Surfaces in the Finish Library.

About Our Select Surfaces Leather Offerings

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Custom Surfaces

Our Custom Surfaces program can support nearly any material, including fabric, vinyl, leather, laminate, paint and stain. These materials have varying lead times and are warranted differently by each supplier.

Learn more about COM options.

Steelcase + Designtex

Steelcase purchased Designtex in 1988, and in the three decades since, our companies have collaborated on some of the most innovative textiles and wallcoverings on the market. Just a few examples:

  • Casper Cloaking Technology, an ingenious architectural film for glass walls that obscures digital screens to outside view
  • Designtex Celliant upholstery, a blend of naturally occurring, thermo-reactive minerals that capture and convert body heat into infrared energy, which has been clinically shown to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation, as well as help regulate body temperature.
  • Numerous groundbreaking sustainable materials, including Loop-to-Loop (which utilizes cutting waste from Steelcase furniture)

To learn more about Designtex, see its page on our site or visit

Healthcare Surfaces

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Healthcare Fabrics

We work closely with a number of textile companies to provide a complete selection of performance textiles – both standard and graded-in.

Steelcase Health fabrics

Health graded-In fabrics

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Healthcare Solid Surfaces

Steelcase Health’s partner for solid surfaces is Corian.

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Choice Performance textiles are an elite sub-set of performance vinyls and polyurethanes available through our vendor partners that have undergone rigorous testing above and beyond our standard test protocols with proven performance.

View list of Choice Performance textiles.

Global Palette

Laminates + Melamines
Textiles, Knit + Mesh



Create a Consistent Aesthetic

The Global Palette allows companies to create a consistent aesthetic in workspaces around the world.  All finishes are available to order on Steelcase products and are globally accepted.

The geographies represented in the Global Palette include the Americas – North, Central and South; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Asia Pacific. The offering includes a variety of material types: paint, decor and laminate, plastic, and textiles, knit, and mesh.

View the Global Palette




The paint options create the foundation of materials choice within the Global Palette. To ensure a balanced and complete offering, we’ve considered color family, value, range, neutrality and global trends.


  • Arctic White
  • Arctic White Gloss
  • Black
  • Champagne Metallic
  • Merle
  • Midnight Metallic
  • Nickel
  • Platinum Metallic
  • Sterling Metallic

Laminates + Melamines

Laminates + Melamines

Laminates + Melamines

Our global laminates and melamines are chosen to coordinate with the global paint offering. From warm to cool tones, the offering is made up of both solid and woodgrain patterns.


  • Acacia
  • Clear Maple/Natural Maple/Maple
  • Clear Walnut
  • Seagull
  • Clear Oak
  • Merle
  • Ash Noce
  • Bisque Noce
  • Clay Noce
  • Storm Noce
  • Ash Wenge
  • Bisque Wenge
  • Clay Wenge
  • Storm Wenge




From classic neutrals to fundamental color selections, the seating plastic choices coordinate with paints, decor and laminates, and other finishes in the Global Palette.


  • Arctic White/White
  • Aubergine
  • Black
  • Blue Jay
  • Canary
  • Chili/Chili Red
  • Citron/Orange
  • Concord/Purple
  • Element
  • Flash
  • Honey
  • Jazz/Navy
  • Jungle
  • Lagoon





  • Malt/Beige
  • Merle
  • Merlot
  • Near Black/Pepper
  • Peacock
  • Picasso/Baby Blue
  • Platinum Solid/Nickel
  • Purple
  • Royal Blue
  • Saffron
  • Scarlet
  • Seagull
  • Wasabi
  • Wasabi too/Apple Green

Textiles, Knit + Mesh

Textiles, Knit + Mesh

Textiles, Knit + Mesh

We offer a wide range of textures, patterns, colors and price ranges. Each pattern within the textile offering has global relevance, while also having successful regional history. The colors work well with the hard surfaces palette, making the offering easy to use.


  • 3D Knit
  • 3D Microknit
  • B-Free Knit
  • Buzz2
  • Connect 3D
  • Cogent: Connect/Atlantic
  • Era
  • Gaja- Cradle to CradleCM
  • New Black
  • QiVi Net
  • Remix
  • Reply Air Mesh
  • Silk
  • Steelcut Trio


Sustainability is a pillar of our surface materials strategy. With all of our material offerings, we strive for earth-friendly manufacturing processes and use of natural materials, post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. Hundreds of our materials have environmental certifications.

We expect the same commitment from all of our partners and suppliers, so that together, we can help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

A few of our most recent surface materials sustainabiilty stories:

Steelcase’s New Black material is made of 100% recycled scrap fabric, 99% of which comes from our plant in Athens, Alabama.

Our Intersection fabric line was created as part of the SEAQUAL Initiative, which works with the waste management and recycling industries to transform marine litter into plastic. Every yard uses ½ pound of ocean plastic.

Our Clarity™ UV clear coat is a water-borne alternative to solvent-based coatings, while still providing exceptional durability, clarity and quality.

Bo Peep uses 100% wool – a natural fiber and renewable resource.

Gaja is a solid, sustainable, woolen fabric that’s the first European pure-wool upholstery to gain Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification