Leather Characteristics

All hides are different and unique. Scratches, scars, wrinkles, and other natural markings are features of the product, not defects. These features are what make each piece one-of-a-kind and are intended to be celebrated.

About Leather We Use

By partnering with best in class leather suppliers, we are able to curate a diverse offering with some of the finest leather tanneries in Italy and Spain. This select surfaces collection is intended to celebrate leather as a natural material and highlight the features of leather that make it unique and desirable. This page will show you the beauty of leather and the range of natural characteristics associated with it.

Leather Natural Characteristics

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Healed Scratches

Marks and scuffs create scratches that gradually heal.

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Healed Scar

Severe abrasions generate healed scars on the hide.

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Neck Wrinkles

Repetitive movement of the neck region induces wrinkles.

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Belly Wrinkles

Stretching and contraction of the abdomen leads to wrinkles.

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Grain Variation

Skins vary in moisture, roughness, and texture resulting in the grain variation.

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The animal’s backbone can produce a long linear marking on each hide.

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Veins and arteries closer to the surface of the skin result in larger lines within the grain pattern.

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Bug Bites

Bug bites react differently to leather processing than the rest of the hide, developing color and texture variation.

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In Application

These leathers soften and tell the story of its users, becoming more individualized with age. The wrinkles created are the outcome of premium leather’s sophisticated aging process.

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Unique Hides

Each hide bears the original texture and markings accumulated during the animal’s lifetime. This arrangement of natural characteristics, blended with the softening from the furniture’s use, makes each piece a one-of-a kind.

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