Steelcase Announces Relationship with Mattiazzi

The Italian furniture brand and manufacturer is known for its hand-finished furniture collection.

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As employees begin to return to the workplace, the need to create spaces that are not only safe, but also compelling is even more important than ever. Today Steelcase announces a relationship with Mattiazzi, an Italian furniture brand and manufacturer. Steelcase will offer customers access to Mattiazzi’s complete catalogue of hand-finished wood furniture with immediate availability in North America. This relationship complements the extensive Steelcase portfolio that gives customers easy access to more choices with delivery by the largest and most reliable dealer network in the industry.

“As workers return to the office now and in the future a range of informal spaces will be even more desirable as people look for collaborative settings that support their emotional and physical wellbeing,” said Allan Smith, Steelcase VP of global marketing. “Mattiazzi designs are innovative and offer a fresh aesthetic that works well in a range of indoor and outdoor spaces and are easy to clean.”

These spaces that employees most enjoy must be adapted or created to not only enhance productivity but to ensure that the people using them can be safe and feel safe too.

“Mattiazzi’s Udine factory is known around the world for its commitment to craft and its expertise in woodworking. It’s stable of designers create a collection that embraces natural beauty and comfort,” said Meghan Dean, director of Steelcase ancillary partnerships.

“This relationship provides our customers with convenient access to a breadth of hand-finished design choices, supported by reliable, commercial distribution.”

Mattiazzi chairs and tables

An Italian furniture brand and manufacturer, Mattiazzi specializes in combining traditional craft with state-of-the-art machinery and an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient infrastructure. Brothers Nevio and Fabiano Mattiazzi founded the company in 1979 as a wood workshop specializing in the production of top quality wooden chairs. By combining uncompromising design with high-quality processing, Mattiazzi has become a celebrated brand now offering more than 20 designer collections of chairs, tables, lounges, benches, outdoor furniture and more.

“We are excited to work with Steelcase to offer our designs to more workplaces around the world that want to bring beauty, craft and sustainability into the office,” said Cristina Salvati, Mattiazzi sales & marketing director. “At Mattiazzi, we make the joy of living with wood accessible and by working with designers respected around the world, we’re able to provide a collection that compliments a wide variety of spaces and a range of different work styles.”


Steelcase collaborates with a diverse network of forward-thinking partners around the world which can all be found on Steelcase Marketplace. These partners enrich its offering, contribute to continuous learning and promise greater value to Steelcase customers.

For more information on Steelcase and Mattiazzi, visit

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