This collaboration space is a hybrid studio for workshops and meetings designed with the 3 E´s in mind: Equity, Engagement, Ease.

A centrally located collaborative space for dynamic, hybrid experience supporting all the participants, both onsite and online, in similar experience in terms of access to content and eye-level communication, which taps the full potential of Equity. The main focus is to integrate the physical space and digital tools seamlessly. The Logitech Scribe Camera supports participants to share whiteboard content in video meetings effortlessly.

Furthermore, two Flex Media Cards give many choices, and opportunities for fast changes with easy access across the open plan covering all the participants gathered around the boomerang-shaped application of Migration Height-Adjustable Tables. Migration Height-Adjustable Tables provide Engagement for the mind and body through posture changes – from a seating height with AllowMe chairs to a standing position assisted by Flex Perch stools. A bunch of low Sully stools with casters provide additional seating experience for larger groups. Altogether the virtual and physical experience should be intuitive and easy to navigate, which effectuates Ease.

We give the periphery area a more significant meaning by spreading applications for break-out sessions or personal time of participants by adopting a variety of seating options. Upholstered Aleta bar stools and B-Free Beam support a high posture, and the low seating Bolia Season sofas give a more relaxed feeling paired with personal tables to catch a possibility still to work with digital tools.

86.103 m2

Products Common, Season, Aleta Seating, Steelcase Flex Collection, Migration SE Height-Adjustable Meeting Table, AllowMe, Steelcase Flex Media Cart, Steelcase Flex Perch, Truchet Acoustic Tiles, Sully, Lapwing, Mix Coffee Table
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