Our partner network supports the changing preferences of people at work - a demand for more informal, authentic and inspiring spaces. This carefully curated collection of some of the world’s most iconic design brands offers a breadth of aesthetics and prices, all with industry-leading performance and the ease and reliability of the Steelcase distribution network.

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West Elm

Workplace solutions with differentiated residential design co-created with a commitment to world-class innovation and industry-leading performance.


By combining our fields of expertise—in devices, physical spaces and the ways in which we work best—Steelcase and Microsoft are uncovering new and innovative ways to integrate the needs of people, places and technology.

blu dot

Modern design for home and work that is useful, affordable and desirable.


New Scandinavian design with sustainable materials and best-in-class craftsmanship.


Outdoor furniture intelligently designed in non-standard ways.


The world’s foremost lighting designs combining beauty and technology with a sense of play to create modern, classic solutions.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

High-quality, comfortable furniture for home and hospitality.


Snapcab’s innovative mindset led to the development of the SnapCab Pod.


Contemporary furniture designed by prestigious international designers – useful in homes as well as offices.

Moooi + moooi carpets

Moooi celebrates timeless objects of beauty which possess the uniqueness and character of antiques combined with the freshness of modern times.


Uhuru Design works deeply within the concepts of reclaim, repurpose and reimagine to create furniture that merges the avant-garde with the sustainable.


High-quality artwork suitable for hospitality, health, education or any ancillary space.


Los Angeles based design studio that creates innovative pieces using unique materials and details.

Benjamin Maier Ceramics

Bones and All


Hunt & Noyer

LeadHead Glass


Rodger Stevens

Savannah Hayes

STAK Ceramics

Urban Tree

Choice is key in creating inspiring, informal spaces where people want to work. Steelcase collaborates with forward-thinking companies to provide easy access to a broad range of solutions.

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