Custom Surfaces 

Custom Surfaces provides a process that makes ordering your own materials, simple. 

Materials like fabric, vinyl, leather, laminate, paint and stain are supported through Custom Surfaces.

Included in Custom Surfaces are:

Customer's Own Material (COM)

The COM program allows you to tailor Steelcase products to help achieve a customized look. Steelcase seating and furniture products accommodate thousands of fabric, leather and vinyl from many leading suppliers.  Use the Customer’s Own Material web tool to find approved materials available on Steelcase product or to calculate exact yardage required for an order. 

Open Line Laminate (OLL)

The OLL program offers the opportunity to specify laminates that are not available through Steelcase Surfaces.  With the Open Line Laminate web tool, you can find custom laminate finishes that are already approved on Steelcase product, or submit a request to have a new one tested.  Once an approved laminate is selected, use the calculator to find the exact quantity required.

PerfectMatch Paint

The PerfectMatch program allows you to get Steelcase painted products in virtually any color you choose.  With the PerfectMatch web tool, customers can submit a request to have a unique paint color created to match any sample they wish.

Customiz Stain

The Customiz Stain program offers the opportunity to specify a custom-matched stain in a Steelcase wood environment. With the Customiz Stain web tool, customers can find a stain that is already approved on a specific Steelcase product, or they can submit a request to have a unique stain color tested and approved. 

Custom Surface Material Requests

The Custom Surface Material Request Tracker is designed to help manage your custom surface materials test requests and results. Use this tool to get updates, check the status of open requests, or get test results.