Description of the values Steelcase places on supplier relationships 

Supported by our suppliers, employees and dealers worldwide, our global success comes from our combined ability to create great experiences wherever work happens. Key to that success is a strong supply chain.

We work with our suppliers to mutually serve our customers and shareholders. Together, Steelcase and our suppliers strive to meet and exceed quality standards, improve efficiencies and effectiveness, as well as manage resources and costs. We have established guidelines, tools and programs to enhance this outcome. Chief among these is the Steelcase Supplier Code of Conduct. 

Supplier Relationship Message from our Chief Procurement Officer

Steelcase has a long standing history of supporting human rights and environmental values through its supply chain decisions. We have expected our suppliers to operate in a responsible manner for decades. Through the years, our collective leadership has served us well, underscoring how effective human resource and environmental management make good business sense. As our businesses become more global, the bar also is increasing about expectations for more rigor and due diligence in our supply chains regarding human rights and environmental sustainability. It is an important supplier selection criterion for our customers, and we are also seeing more governmental regulations in this area. We’re confident that your goals are aligned with Steelcase to prevent and eradicate human rights violations and harmful environmental practices.

We expect our suppliers to embrace our values and promote sustainable business practices by remaining financially strong, providing a safe and healthy workplace, obeying local laws and regulations, and actively maintaining earth-friendly environmental practices.

Spring 2013 we introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct to Steelcase suppliers globally. It is a comprehensive document that includes expectations and requirements dealing with many aspects of human rights, fair labor practices and environmental sustainability. This is what our customers are demanding of us as well. For existing suppliers, the Steelcase Supplier Code of Conduct is implemented through an amendment to your master agreement and will in most cases be triggered when any contractual aspect of the relationship is up for renewal. For new suppliers, it is part of our agreement.

 We realize there is not a "one size fits all" solution and the Code is written specifically to allow you to deploy a management system, set goals and measure performance in the way that best fits your situation. Any non-conformances should be immediately shared with your Procurement representative.

We understand that efforts like this take time and attention for you.  We also are investing time on this topic to address our customers’ requirements and also because we know this is the right thing to do. If you have any questions pertaining to the Supplier Code of Conduct, please contact your Steelcase Procurement representative.

 Chief Procurement Officer

At Steelcase our Global Procurement Strategies are to select, develop and maintain a preferred supply base:

  • to provide all the products and services required for the business.
    • at the right time and place.
    • in the right quantity and quality.
    • at the lowest total cost.
  • to ensure social and environmental responsibility within our supply base.
  • to bring leading-edge practices to Procurement.
  • to cultivate an environment that attracts and retains talented, high-performing people.

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