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More than 750 Steelcase Dealers Around the World

Our partners are experts in the power of place and stand ready to tackle the toughest workplace challenges. Together, we will share leading insights and answer questions to help you create smart spaces.

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A Network of Partners

As our primary partners, more than 750 Steelcase dealers around the world deliver our global research and innovative product solutions to local customers. Our partners are experts in the power of place and stand ready to tackle the toughest workplace challenges. Together, we will share leading insights and answer questions to help you create smart spaces that will inspire and engage your employees in today’s evolving world.

Steelcase dealer partners everywhere meet high standards for quality and performance. Steelcase Premier Partners stand out as extraordinary for achieving market share growth, fitness and ongoing investments in their business to deliver exceptional value to the people and places they touch. Each year dealers can achieve this award and be recognized as a best-in-class Authorized Steelcase Dealer as identified in our dealer directory.

Find a dealer

Explore + Experience

Visit dealer showrooms to get the full experience and understand the range of choices available to create inspiring and unique workspaces with Steelcase. You’ll tour various work environments, witness leading space applications and explore firsthand the innovative product solutions that promote collaboration, concentration, engagement and your work culture.

We make the connection seamless between your workspace and your business goals.

Shared Value

Steelcase dealers want to understand your workplace goals, dynamics and culture. Knowing about your expectations will ensure they best serve you.

Our dealers are the best in the business. They offer a diverse menu, including skilled labor and design services, workplace installation, consultation, regional asset management, integrated technology, audiovisual, floor coverings, moving services and more to support varied workplace needs.

Become a Dealer

Do you want to help people love how they work?

Steelcase dealers do it every day, while growing thriving businesses. Consider joining the industry’s largest, most experienced network of independent dealers.

The fullest value of Steelcase is realized through Steelcase dealers. They provide not only access to Steelcase products, but also real workplace solutions grounded in our extensive research. Dealers also offer local knowledge, skilled labor, workplace installation and regional asset management. Some dealers round out their services with turnkey installation of audio-visual technology, floor coverings, ceilings and other interior fittings.

True partnership

Most dealerships are independent businesses, owned and operated by people deeply committed to the communities they serve. In Steelcase, they find a supportive partner providing education on leading workplace research, an extraordinary breadth of quality products, attractive sales incentives and more. This relationship also connects dealers to the knowledge and support of other Steelcase dealers network wide.

Are you a dealer candidate?

The most promising candidates for Steelcase dealers share several key characteristics. They:

  • Have an entrepreneurial drive
  • Are highly successful professionally and financially
  • May have owned other types of businesses
  • Demonstrate leadership and sound management practices
  • Understand the value proposition of Steelcase dealers
  • Able to market the value of the dealership and Steelcase in relationship to each other
  • Understand local markets and are actively networking
  • Find participating in a network of independent businesses appealing and rewarding

If this opportunity seems like a good fit for you we’d love to talk. Start by completing our “Contact Us” form where you will have the opportunity to detail your experience and express your interest. We’ll review what you send us and contact you to discuss a potential new partnership.

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