With a range of postures and worktools, these collaborative settings facilitate information sharing with co-located and distributed team members. Both settings have access to integrated power and digital + analog tools to allow for seamless collaboration.

Products in this application:

Montara650 stool, Flex screen, Air3 square- Orangebox, Straight seat- Orangebox, Border- Orangebox, Away from the Desk- Orangebox, Bumper ottoman tray- Blu Dot, Bumper small ottoman- Blu Dot, Splash coat rack- Blu Dot


220 sq ft

Products Splash Coat Rack, Bumper Ottoman, Away from the Desk, Air³, Border, Steelcase Flex Screens, Steelcase Roam, Montara650 Seating
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Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Bumper Ottoman Tray BD1BY1OTTRAY
BD1BY1OTTRAY 1 $129.00 $129.00
Bumper Small Ottoman BD1BY1SMOTTO
BD1BY1SMOTTO 1 $249.00 $249.00
Splash Coat Rack BD1JV1COATRK
BD1JV1COATRK 1 $349.00 $349.00
Montara650;Stool COSFZST
COSFZST 2 $1,036.00 $2,072.00
Flex;Scrn-Frstd,Rect FLXFSRQ
FLXFSRQ 2 $866.00 $1,732.00
Air3;Sq,Opening roof OB1AIR25
OB1AIR25 1 $57,404.00 $57,404.00
Str seat-Mdlr,Bk,31 1/2W OBAD02
OBAD02 1 $4,491.00 $4,491.00
Seat-Bk,90 deg,Mdlr OBAD42
OBAD42 1 $7,567.00 $7,567.00
Border;2 seat-Hi,Tbl,32Dia OBBORDER05
OBBORDER05 1 $8,630.00 $8,630.00
STPM1CART 1 $0.00 $0.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $82,623.00