rendering of a collaborative workstation with amia chairs, personal light led, high density storage, migration se desk
rendering of a collaborative room with credenza cabinet, thread, skate personal table, Loop rug
rendering of a workplace with amia chair, sarto screen, Flex height adjustable desk
rendering of a workplace with amia chair, sarto screen, Flex height adjustable desk
rendering of a workplace area with steelcase series 2 chairs, shadows rug, Avi chair, sarto screens
Steelcase, Elective Elements storage Steelcase, Ology Height-Adjustable Desk base Steelcase, Series 2 Task Chair Steelcase, Sarto Screen Steelcase, DASH Mini Task Light Steelcase, FORCO Monitor Arm​ Steelcase, SOTO Wireless Charger​
Moooi, Emperor Pendant Steelcase, Avenue Stool Viccarbe, Window Coat Rack Finish Blu Dot, Dang Credenza Steelcase, Convene Table
Planning Idea
Steelcase, B-Free Steelcase, B-Free Corner Coffee Table Turnstone, Simple Personal Table Steelcase, Flex Steelcase, Groupwork Turnstone, Louver Steelcase, Cobi Chair Polyvision Motif Steelcase, Thread Power Hub
Sreelcase,Turnstone Garcia Orangebox, Cubb Chair Steelcase, Series 2 Steelcase, Flex Board Cart Steelcase, Flex Markerboard Steelcase, Flex Freestanding Screen Tournstone, TS Series Slim Mobile Pedestal Steelase, SOTO Extended LED Task Light Steelcase, Universal File Surround Steelcase,Universal Steel Lockers Steelcase, Universal Laminate Bookcase Steelcase, Flex Mobile Power
Steelcase, Answer Panel Steelcase, Migration SE HAD Steelcase, Sarto Screen Tournstone, TS Series Mini Locker Steelcase, Think Chair Steelcase, CF Series Evolution Monitor Arm Moooi, Hana Lounge Chair  Moooi, Common Comrades Emperor Table Turnstone, Clipper Screen – 56” H with wings FLOS, Tab Floor Lamp Coalesse, Freestand Table Steelcase, Dash Mini Task Light Steelcase,Thread Hub Footprint:
Steelcase V.I.A Walls Steelcase Health Surround Sofa Steelcase Node Stool Steelcase EE Shelf BluDot Bumper Ottoman BluDot Trace Pendant BluDot Welf Shelf BluDot Wook Wall Hook