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This image highlights elements of an Esports Gaming Center, bringing individuals + teams together for competition, training, coaching, learning, and social activities. The Battle Zone supports teams of five as they compete at each bench, with amenities including ergonomic seating with a headrest, 48”W FrameOne worksurfaces that accommodate a CPU, 27” monitor on a user-adjustable monitor arm, personal hooks to hold gaming headsets, mobile caddies to stow personal belongings, and an easily-accessible desktop power strip to charge personal devices. Monitors above the Battle Zone allow coaches and onlookers to view content as games are in action. The adjacent Observation Zone includes a large lounge setting with both freestanding + fixed tablet surfaces, shared tables, and ottomans on casters, allowing guests to watch live-action game play on the monitors and view the gamers in action through the glass. The outfield has standing-height tables with power access, bag hooks, and comfortable stools. This space doubles as a place for teams to review game play + strategy after the competition, a social student lounge, or a study zone when not in use for competitions.

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Steelcase Gesture Steelcase Lite Scale Steelcase Flex Collection Steelcase FrameOne Steelcase Learning Elbrook Table Collection Steelcase Turnstone Campfire Collection Orangebox Cubb Seating Orangebox Sully

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