Essential Exam Room

Version B: A simple Convey setup ensures space for a monitor arm to be mounted on the wall.​

Double doors allow the care team to move themselves and their charting technology efficiently from room to room.​

This exam space supports the clinician without impeding space to examine the patient.​

The Relay arm allows the clinician to pivot the monitor, providing an opportunity for the clinician to face the patient and/or share digital content with all members in the room.​

Products in this application:

Steelcase Health Convey Modular Casework Steelcase Health Aspekt Steelcase Health Verge Stool Steelcase Health Accessories Relay Steelcase Health Accessories Opus

Foot Print:

90 sq ft

Products Convey Modular Casework, Opus, Aspekt, Relay, Verge
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