Hybrid Work

Webinar: Prototyping the Future of Work

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In a time of uncertainty, how can leaders make the best decisions for their people and their organizations? Research suggests 94% of global companies plan to run pilots or prototypes.

We’ve invited an industry-leading panel of experts in people, place and technology to share what they’re testing, measuring and learning about designing the future of work.

Discover how ManpowerGroup, Microsoft and Steelcase are exploring a hybrid future. Plus, learn from your peers with real-time audience polls and our panel will answer your questions live.

Chris Congdon, Steelcase 360 Editor-in-Chief

ManpowerGroup: Kari Atkinson, VP Employee Rewards and Experience, North America

Microsoft: Matthew Ayres, Global Workplace Services Research & Innovation Lead

Steelcase: Elise Valoe, Director of Workspace Futures Research and New Business Innovation

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