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Employees today are rejecting many of the places and ways work happened before the pandemic and organizations are scrambling to change their spaces, policies, and cultures. Yet, many don’t know what workers want once they return to the workplace. This spring, we’re drawing inspiration from a new place – neighborhoods and their thriving communities. Great neighborhoods have energy and life and help people feel a part of something special. Organizations, teams, and employees can learn from this kind of energy.

Join Steelcase leaders as they share more about what people and organizations need today and how a new, neighborhood approach to the office can help. You’ll get an exclusive look at new products, new applications, and a sneak preview of an exciting new partner.

A recording will be made available after the live event.

When: May 25, 11:00 -11:30 am EST

Sara Armbruster, Steelcase President + CEO

Chris Congdon, Steelcase 360 Magazine Editor

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