Motif: Capture Ideas + Enhance Design

Highly-collaborative workspaces should include the right tools to help you capture your ideas.


Let’s be honest, it’s hard to get through a meeting without being distracted. Your phone buzzes, an alert pops up or something catches your eye and your mind wanders. Distractions are rampant — coming at us from all directions. That’s one of the draws of the whiteboard. It gets us up and moving, away from our devices. We become active participants engaged in shoulder-to-shoulder work with our colleagues.

Traditional whiteboards are designed with a white surface and metal frame. They work well for their intended use. PolyVision designers wanted to think about the whiteboard differently. Motif, which was unveiled at NeoCon 2018, allows designers and users to customize the vertical plane, integrating color and themes with the furniture around it to create collaborative workplaces that perform well and inspire people.

Think Differently

Motif Collaborative Panel System

Classic neutral tones let Motif integrate quietly into any new or existing space while accent colors were selected to add a degree of energy and stimulus to collaborative sessions.

Motif Collaborative Panel System

Motif’s three standard sizes can be arranged to create countless compositions and artistic expressions.

Motif Collaborative Panel System

Panels can be positioned to flow into the next or add bursts of color to accent a collaborative wall.

Motif Collaborative Panel System

Motif can craft thoughtful negative space with positive colors and patterns or explore themes of repetition, contrast, balance and symmetry.

Motif Collaborative Panel System

Motif panels are made with PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel. The smooth glasslike surface is magnetic, highly legible and easy to clean.

Generating new ideas and moving them from consideration to execution requires a process that ebbs and flows. It may not all happen at the whiteboard. You may need to step away and generate a fresh perspective before coming back together. Keeping ideas organized is crucial. Motif’s variety of panels lets people segment content and ideas. Keep a to-do list on one panel and save a larger panel for brainstorming. It supports organization by giving people the ability to compartmentalize ideas.

Countless Configurations


Different layouts and color themes not only enhance organization and teamwork, they also can add to the vibe of the space. In addition to a standard set of colors and patterns available, designers can add logos, custom artwork or other designs to Motif using PolyVision’s Surface Imaging process.

Easy Flexibility

Today’s offices need to be flexible and functional. What works today, might not work tomorrow. What feels right today, might change. Motif was designed with hardware that makes it super easy to install. If organizations choose to refresh their office, they can order a new panel in a new color and easily pop it in.

To learn more about Motif’s features and customization capabilities, visit its website.

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