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Answer Beam 

by Steelcase
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    Answer beam builds a robust workspace complete with storage, privacy and power at a low-height and lighter scale. ​

    Get Inspired

    See how Answer beam and the entire family of Answer solutions support both individuals and groups, with the flexibility to adapt and evolve as the needs of your organization, your people and your culture shift.​

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    Lighten Up

    Answer Beam’s integrated top cap rail supports mounted storage, screens, worksurfaces and work tools, greatly expanding possibilities for varied work settings that feel more open and inviting.

    Customized Solution

    Answer beam accommodates tethered, fixed-height desking and can also be combined with height-adjustable desks to encourage healthy movement and posture support, from seated to standing height. Answer beam offers a wide range of low-height applications that define spaces and provide power access. Answer beam utilizes the same junction and horizontal connecting bar construction as Answer panels.

    Answer beam settings support a variety of both beam-mounted and freestanding storage solutions, with integrated power and cable access options.

    Answer Family

    One Solution. Endless possibilities.

    Answer Beam is part of a family of products designed to support both individuals and groups, in resident and nomadic settings, with the flexibility to adapt and evolve as the needs of your organization, your people and your culture shift.

    Answer fence, beam, panel system and freestanding furniture offer a range of applications, aesthetics, technology integration and privacy, optimizing creativity and performance.​

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    Answer Fence offers freestanding, light-scale space division, while providing power and data distribution and access. The fence was designed as a complementary element to plan with height-adjustable and freestanding desks to create a simple and complete solution.

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    Answer Panels

    Answer Panels are designed to create spaces within the open floorplan that help organizations balance collaboration and privacy, support mobility and optimize real estate, through the broadest range of applications.

    Learn more about Answer Panels

    Answer Freestanding

    Answer Freestanding features desks, tables, storage units that create individual workstations, private offices and team spaces, all with a consistent aesthetic.

    Learn more about Answer Freestanding

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    Designing for Sustainability

    We’re working toward better futures for the planet by recognizing our role in climate change and reducing our environmental impact, to help build a more sustainable and resilient world. We do this by making, sourcing and delivering products that help reduce our carbon footprint, designing for circularity, and choosing and using materials responsibly.​

    Since its introduction, Answer’s durable frame construction extended its useful life as it was reconfigured and reused. Today, Answer® is even more planet friendly: new engineered bulk packaging fits 100 screens in each pack (versus 48) and eliminates single-use foam, saving over 60,000 lbs. per year. Answer skins shipped in bulk cuts down on plastic packaging, reducing plastic film use by 95%. A new process to apply reclaimed paint to Answer junctions diverted 97,000 pounds of waste powder coat from landfills.​​

    Answer panel systems has a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for complete lifecycle environmental impact transparency, has achieved BIFMA LEVEL® 3 certification, has a Red List Approved Declare label from the Living Building Challenge and indoor air quality (IAQ) certification through Scientific Certification Systems Indoor Advantage™ Gold.

    Answer Beam Product Environmental Profile


    Dimensions + Components
    Global Availability

    Dimensions + Components

    Dimensions + Components

    Answer Beam Components

    Junctions + Connections

    • Horizontal frame packages: 24″–72″W
    • End-of-Run, In-line, L, T, X, V and Y Junctions: 28.5″H
    • Beam to Panel Connections: L, T, X: 42″–66″H
    • Beam Top Cap Rail: 24″–96″W
    • Panel and Beam Foot


    • Fabric (Standard Height, To the Floor, Big Open Base): 24″–72″W
    • Steel (Standard Height, To the Floor, Big Open Base): 24″–72″W
    • Laminate and Wood (Standard Height, To the Floor): 24″–48″W


    • Universal Beam Screen: 24″–96″W; 13.5″, 19.5″H
    • Beam End-of-Run Boundary Screens (Single-Sided, Spanning, Split, L): 27″–72″W; 28.5″, 42″, 48″H
    • Beam On-Module In-line Boundary Screens, (T and X Configurations): 27″–72″W; 42″, 48″H
    • Beam Centered In-line Boundary Screens (Single Sided): 24″–72″W; 28.5″, 42″, 48″H

    Height-Adjustable Desks

    • Migration: 23″–35″D; 46″–70″W
    • Ology: 23″–36″D; 34″–76″W

    System Worksurfaces

    • Straight: 18″–30″D; 24″–96″W
    • Straight 120°: 24″, 30″D; 48″–72″W
    • Tapered: 18/24″, 24/30″D; 48″–72″W
    • Taper-Flat: 18/24″, 18/30″, 24/30″D; 60″, 72″W
    • 120° Corner: 24″, 30″D; 36″–48″W

    Worksurface Supports

    • FrameOne Legs for Answer Beam (Closed Loop, Open Loop, Half Loop): 24″, 30″D
    • Beam Cantilever
    • Post Leg
    • Tether Bracket
    • Beam Intermediate Support; 1H, 1.5H

    Low Storage

    • 1H, 1.5H, 2H Universal Laminate Enhanced Laterals
    • 1.5H Universal Laminate Enhanced Credenzas
    • 1H Ology Integrated Universal Laminate Enhanced Lateral
    • Universal Laminate Enhanced Mobile Pedestal
    • High Density Storage: 42″, 48″H

    Mid Storage

    • Universal Laminate Enhanced Overheads: 15″D, 15″H, 36″–72″W
    • Universal Laminate Enhanced Organizers: 15″D, 8 27/32″H, 36″–72″W
    • Single-Sided Stanchion
    • Double-Sided/Centered Stanchion
    • Mid-Storage Support; 1.5H, 2H

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • North America
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