Features popular Steelcase products manufactured and shipped within 2 business days. Delivery in typically 3-10 days.



Features a broad selection of Steelcase and turnstone products manufactured and shipped within 5-7 business days. Delivery is typically 8-16 days depending on the days you receive deliveries from Steelcase, product mix, etc.

10-day delivery is available for select Steelcase seating products,including, Amia, cobi, Gesture, Leap, Max Stacker III, Move, Node, QiVi, Reply, Series 1 and Think. Product mix and dealer warehouse schedule delivery days may impact actual delivery date.

Discount is the same as standard delivery discounts. See your customer’s competitive discount authorization (CDA) for pricing details. Substantial order maximums apply.



Includes select Coalesse seating, tables and outdoor products available to ship within 10 business days. Delivery in typically 11-18 days.

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Quick Ship Guide

Learn more about the Steelcase, turnstone and Coalesse products available through Quick Ship.

Quick Ship Guide