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    The Steelcase Flex Collection supports “me + we” in the hybrid workplace by providing flexible, reconfigurable solutions that meet the needs of dynamic teams and individuals.


    Built for Teams

    The Steelcase Flex Collection is designed for high-performing collaborative teams. A vast product collection provides teams with flexibility and control to adapt their space on demand to meet their rapidly changing work activities – from a daily stand-up to a creative brainstorm. It provides tools they need to keep their work visible.


    Enhanced for Individuals

    The best team spaces not only support collaborative work, but also the needs of the individual.
    New additions to the Steelcase Flex Collection greatly enhance the workstation experience for people, giving them more control over their space, the level of privacy they need, and ways to personalize their space to achieve the comfort they desire.

    See Personal Spaces


    Supports Hybrid Work

    Hybrid is a new way of working and it’s defined by flexibility and adaptability. The growing Steelcase Flex Collection supports the hybrid workplace with solutions for teams and individuals giving them control, comfort, tools to be productive, and a sense of belonging.

    With new product additions, the Steelcase Flex Collection creates a range of adaptable and high performing spaces for teams and individuals across an entire floorplan – from focus zones for heads down work to open collaboration spaces to team neighborhoods that allow for shifting between work modes.


    Standard + Optional Features
    Global Availability

    Standard + Optional Features

    Standard + Optional Features

    Features + Dimensions

    Mobile Power

    • Mobile power kit includes: Five (5) mobile power units and one (1) charging tray
    • Mobile power unit has three (3) USB-C ports and one (1) USB-A port, recharges in 8 hours, 218 watt-hour capacity and 117W of total charging output
    • Charging Tray holds five (5) mobile power units
    • Steelcase Flex Charging Cart is optional
    • Mobile Power unit
      • Height: 11.4 inches /288.3 mm
      • width: 4 inches/102.8 mm
    • Charging Tray
      • Height: 16.1 inches/410 mm
      • Width: 10.8 inches/275 mm

    Height Adjustable Desk

    • Integrated Power: Under worksurface only, under worksurface + desktop power (2 power w/ USB-A or USB-C)
    • Extended Range 22.6″-48.7″ (Meets BIFMA G1)​
    • Basic Range 27.6″-46.9” (For use with low storage)​
    • Depths: 23/24”, 29/30”​
    • Widths: 46, 58, and 70” modular, parametric from 46-72” on 1/16” increments​


    • Slim: 18”D x 58”W x 41.3”H​
    • Work Tables​: Depths: 23”, 29”​; Widths: 46, 58, and 70” modular​; Heights: 28.5” & 41.3″​


    46”W x 20”D x 41 3/8″H​


    • Freestanding or attaches to: Wall Rail​, Board Cart​, Team Cart​, Acoustic Boundary, Stand​
    • Rectangle: 35.5W x 47”/71”H​
    • Angled 47”H x 47”W​
    • Thickness: .5”​

    Acoustic Boundary

    24”D x 56”W x 78”/118”H​

    Markerboard Solutions

    • Attaches to​: Wall Rail​, Board Cart​, Team Cart​, Stand​, Acoustic Boundary​​
    • Writing Surface​:Proven surface (Same material as huddleboard)​
    • Stand: 16”Dia. x 38”H​
    • Markerboard: Height: 47” or 71”​; Width: 35.5”

    Power Hanger

    • Materials and Options​: 6 Body Colors​
    • Cord Options: ​ 10’ or 20’, Standard or Braided Cord​; 8 Braided cord colors to select​
    • Plug Options: Standard plug; Thread Low-Profile Connector​
    • Configurations​: 4 Power or 3 Power + 2 USB-A​

    Surface Materials

    Active Frames

    • Frame and frame extension: Paint
    • Shelves: High-Pressure Laminate
    • Infills: High-Pressure Laminate, P631 Dark Heather Grey PET, P636 Light Heather Grey PET
    • Doors: High-Pressure Laminate
    • Lock: 9201 Polished Chrome, 9250 Ember Chrome
    • Bookends: Paint
    • Mobile board clip: 6053 Seagull, 6527 Merle
    • Cable management clip: 6527 Merle
    • Fixed board: P631 Dark Heather Grey PET, P636 Light Heather Grey PET

    Height Adjustable Desk

    • Inner Column:​ Seagull, Merle, Black, Platinum Paint​
    • Outer Foot​: All paints including Lux and Accent​
    • Rollers​: Seagull, Merle, Black, Platinum Plastic​
    • ​Screens​: 50+ Fabric Groups + COM​, 2 sided contrasting using same fabric ​
    • Worksurface: HPL, Veneer, Plywood core w/ clear coat​
    • Cable Tray (optional)​: Dark Heathered Grey PET​


    • Worksurface​: HPL, Veneer, Plywood Core w/ clear coat​
    • Legs​: All paints including Lux and Accent​
    • Pegs: All paints including Lux and Accent​
    • Foot support (standing height only)​: All paints including Lux and Accent​
    • Glides and Wheels​: Merle or Seagull Plastic​
    • Cable Catch: Felted PET


    • Frame​: All paints including Lux and Accent​
    • Shelves and Base​: All paints including Lux and Accent​
    • Board Clips​: Merle or Seagull Plastic​
    • Wheels & Casters​: Merle or Seagull Plastic​


    • 50 + Fabrics + COM Available​
    • 2-sided contrasting within same fabric​
    • Magnetic Edge​: Merle Plastic​

    Acoustic Boundary

    • Materials​: Light Heather Gray or Dark Heather Grey PET​
    • Board Clips & Casters: Merle or Seagull Plastic​

    Markerboard Solutions


    • Top Surface​: Clear coat plywood​
    • Base​: Merle or Seagull Plastic​


    • Light Heather Grey Exterior/Dark Heather Grey Interior ​
    • Heather Blue Exterior/Medium Heather Grey Interior

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • Asia Pacific
    • Central America
    • South America
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Africa
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