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Steelcase Flex Dock

by Steelcase

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    Now your team can charge, create and share – faster and easier than ever with Steelcase Flex Dock. Featuring Thunderbolt™ 4 technology, Steelcase Flex Dock integrates with Steelcase CF Series monitor arms to provide immediate connection to power, data and display while keeping cords and cables out of sight. Step up with a laptop, plug in and you’re on.

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    Quick Connection

    The need to connect is real. Especially for agile teams immersed in co-creation. Steelcase Flex Dock provides convenient desktop power in a compact design, plus it can support up to two 4k monitors – so plugging in and sharing ideas is supremely quick and intuitive. Connect a laptop, phone or tablet. A keyboard, mouse or camera. You decide what goes on the worksurface. The rest is clean simplicity.

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    Multiple Ports

    Steelcase Flex Dock offers a powerful set of ports – including USB and Thunderbolt™ – for high-speed charging and quick connection to hardwired data, monitors, and peripherals. It’s made for fast-loading, smooth-streaming, media-rich work. And it goes the distance, adapting to new tech to future-proof your investment.