Meeting Spaces for the Post-COVID Workplace

Ideas for how to progressively adapt existing work space design to meet the new health and safety requirements for a post-COVID workplace.

Open Active Collaboration​

An adaptable, collaborative space gives teams a place to brainstorm, make work visible and generate new ideas. ​

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Collaboration Pod​

An enclosed pod that is easily deployable anywhere in open spaces to create an enclave and has a roof ventilation system for additional air flow.​

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Open Lounge-Bases Collaboration​

A relaxed space for people to meet in the open with a sense of privacy and security, as well as the tools needed for effective collaboration.​

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Open Collaboration​

A hackable space with moveable furniture to suit a team’s needs in the moment. Multiple settings allow users to choose where to work based on the task at hand.​

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Thought Starters


Navigating What’s Next

To learn more about design considerations when planning for the now, near and far time horizons, read the Navigating What’s Next: The Post-COVID Workplace guide.

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