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Elective Elements 

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    Elective Elements supports a wide range of work modes in private office and open plans. A refined aesthetic speaks to the senses, while new parametric sizing options on select styles provide increased precision and design options.

    Inspired + Beautiful


    With its sweeping array of applications, materials and finishes, Elective Elements has an expressive visual language. It harmonizes beautifully with other product lines and furnishings to support optimal performance. Choose from a palette of gorgeous wood veneers, versatile laminates and stunning glass and metal finishes to create enriching spaces.


    Flexible Planning


    As a result of deep workplace insights and a dedication to distinct quality, the collection’s storage and worksurface components combine and flex to bring out the best in every space. Parametric sizing lets you specify depths and widths down to 1/16-inch increments, and exacting heights. With this level of precision, you can unlock more planning choices and achieve a truly tailored fit.


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    Steelcase and outside experts conducted countless hours of research and user-observation to learn more about the changing work landscape within the private office.

    We studied how people work and identified new ways the work environment could better support the different ways they work.

    Those insights provided both the inspiration and foundation for Elective Elements office workstations, making it an industry leader in addressing the changing workspace requirements in private and open plan offices.

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    Modern office workstations should:

    • Enable a smooth workflow
    • Support guest workers
    • Maximize the efficiency of space
    • Create zones for different work modes
    • Provide privacy and control
    • Accommodate technology seamlessly
    • Encourage alternative postures
    • Make space personal
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    For many, the image that comes to mind when thinking of a private office is a huge double-pedestal desk with a high-back chair, a credenza behind it and maybe a bookcase off to the side. That image hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years.

    Private offices typically house the highest paid workers, and they usually allot more square footage per person than open plan. While many private offices have remained essentially unchanged for decades, the rest of the workplace has changed dramatically.

    Steelcase Wood Solutions

    Steelcase has been building wood furniture for nearly 100 years. Learn more about what role wood plays in our products, our sustainability practices and get inspired by our 150+ veneer and laminate finish options.

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    Standard + Optional Features
    Technical Specifications
    Global Availability

    Standard + Optional Features

    Standard + Optional Features


    • A broad range of rich materials options including composite wood veneers, glass storage and modesty panels, metal paint finishes and fabrics create an array of aesthetic options
    • Elective Elements worksurfaces can be height adjusted (worksurfaces have a range of 3″ in ½” increments), and come in a range of top shapes and edge profiles designed to support today’s work styles
    • Open storage, and layered worksurfaces provide piling surfaces for anticipated work
    • One-high lateral files specified with cushion tops maximize space and provide an alternative seating solution. Lateral files can also be specified with wood or laminate tops
    • Application flexibility includes a clean, simple technology interface that allows users to customize their workspace to their individual needs
    • Mobile workers are accommodated with convenient plug-and-play capabilities. Hinged grommets disguise desktop access to power and data
    • Built on a 6″ module
    • Universally compatible with systems panels for Montage, Answer and Privacy Wall GS
    • 16 wood finishes



    • Straight
    • Technology Straight
    • Desk
    • Technology Desk
    • Return
    • Desk Return
    • Bridge
    • Transition
    • Single Tapered
    • Tapered
    • Tapered Bullet
    • Bullet
    • Keyhole
    • P-top
    • Angled
    • Meeting
    • Extended Bullet
    • Spanner
    • Corner
    • Extended Corner,
    • Transaction
    • Personal Table Tops

    Worksurface Supports

    • Modesty panel
    • Technology modesty panel
    • End panel
    • L-shape end panels
    • J-shape end panel
    • T-shape end panel
    • Perpendicular tether support
    • Cable shroud support
    • Parallel slip-fit support,
    • Columns
    • Rectangular column
    • Adjustable-height leg
    • Gate leg


    • Pedestals with drawers
    • Pedestals with hinged doors
    • Open pedestals
    • Adjustable-height pedestal
    • 1.5 high storage
    • One-high pedestals
    • Mobile pedestal
    • High pedestals
    • Lateral files
    • Single-high overhead cabinet
    • Double-high overhead cabinet
    • Organizer shelf
    • Blade accessory shelf
    • Desktop organizer
    • Hutch kit
    • Open hutch kit
    • Tackboard and wood and fabric panel with slatwall
    • Organizer service module
    • Single-high service module
    • Double-high service module
    • Stacking bookcases
    • Freestanding bookcases
    • Towers
    • Vertical cabinets
    • Wardrobes

    Power, Data + Lighting

    • Technology zone
    • Power shroud
    • Light housing

    Technology zones enable easy worksurface access to power and data while an integrated rail seamlessly supports SOTO worktools.

    Edge Profiles

    • 3mm Square Edge
      • Laminate with plastic edge
      • Laminate with wood edge
      • Wood with wood edge
    • Bullnose edge
      • Laminate with wood edge
      • Wood with wood edge
    • Waterfall edge
      • Wood with wood edge
    • Blade edge
      • Laminate with plastic edge
      • Wood with wood edge

    Drawer/Door Pulls

    • Contemporary
    • Jazz
    • Bar
    • Nile
    • Integral
    • Transitional
    • Inset
    • Beam

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    Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Private Office

    Power and data routing begins at the wall and enters storage in this private office solution.

    The square grommet option for simple access to a power unit can be mounted in desk tops or storage.

    The technology zone in the desk top and storage provides convenient access to power and data.

    Open Plan Freestanding

    The technology zone in storage provides convenient access to power and data.

    The technology zone in the desk top provides convenient access to power and data.

    Routing through connects power and data to this four-person open plan solution.

    Open Plan with Panels

    Routing through panels and storage connects power and data throughout this eight-person solution.

    The technology zone in the storage provides convenient access to power and data.

    Technology can route through both 1.5 and 2 high storage.

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • Central America
    • South America
    • North America
    • Middle East
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