Come On Over

Plan a project or chat about what's holding things back by putting your ideas on display. Easy access to whiteboards encourage active ideation while staying engaged with the energy of the surrounding office.
Orangebox Border Open image tooltip


As its name suggests, Border provides a neat and intelligent way of dividing up spaces. Its simplicity and precise modularity has ensured its continuous success in diverse spaces in both café areas and within varied open plan spaces.

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Move Stool

Move seating now offers the entire Lux Coatings paint palette on the chair frame in both the stool and perching stool options, bringing a look of timeless sophistication to the line.

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a3 CeramicSteel Mobile

This double-sided mobile whiteboard features casters that lock and unlock so it can roll smoothly across the floor, enabling on-the-go collaboration.

PolyVision Collaborative ToolBar On White Open image tooltip

Collaborative Toolbar

The Collaborative ToolBar is an all-in-one dry-erase marker storage system that keeps erasers and markers or chalk always at hand.

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QtPro Pendant Mount

The QtPro pendant mount is part of sound masking system which provides speech paging, music, and acoustic privacy by suspending both emitter types open or raised ceiling applications.

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Moooi Carpets

Celestial Round Rug

Inspired by the human fascination with the universe and its origin, the mystery behind black holes and the possibility of life on other planets, Intergalactic is our gateway to bright, distant stars.

Mackinac Shelving Tower Open image tooltip

Mackinac Shelving Tower

Mackinac brings a new solution to team spaces in the open plan. The stand-alone Shelving Tower provides storage and space division, giving teams visual separation to minimize distractions and get work done.

UT Block Side On White Open image tooltip
Urban Tree

Block Side Table

Originally intended for complicated sculptural pieces, as these blocks were formed, they were perfect as they were. They’re used as side tables and stools and are easily rearranged for functionality.

Urban Tree

Core Side Table

Made from the inner cylinders of our Holey Cubes, nothing here goes to waste. The Core table can be used as a side table or stool. Try grouping them together in clusters for high function and impact.

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