Focus on Your Work, Not on Your Chair

A good chair matters. It keeps you comfortable and productive while you sit so your body can perform the way you need it to – at work and beyond. This is the Steelcase seating difference.

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The Ergonomics of a Good Office Chair:

Activates your body

As you recline, a chair’s seat and backrest should move as you do – opening up your hip angle and bringing you closer to a healthy standing posture.

illustration of the back view of a chair with a woman sitting in it

Encourages you to move

Your body was made to move. A good chair will flex with you – helping you change postures while you sit.

illustration of the side view of a chair with a woman sitting in it

Reinforces your healthy posture

The backrest of the chair should fit the natural contour of your back and provide your spine the reinforcement it needs to maintain healthy alignment as you sit.

illustration of the side view of a chair

Provides comfort where you need it most

Contoured foam and a flexible edge provide pressure-free comfort for sit bones, glutes and thighs.

illustration of the side view of a work space with a woman sitting in a chair on the computer

Keeps you connected

The arms of your chair should stay parallel to the floor while you recline – keeping your arms straight on your desk and your eyes level with your screen.

Fits you uniquely

Fits you uniquely

Intuitive and easy-to-use back, seat and arm adjustments make a chair feel like it is made for you and your body.

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