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  • PolyVision


    Motif™ is an award-winning, high-performance collaborative panel system that can be configured in countless ways to turn unused wall spaces into places where teams express and share ideas together.

  • Steelcase

    Steelcase Flex Whiteboard Solutions

    Steelcase Flex Whiteboard Solutions (whiteboards, stand, wall rail) are lightweight and mobile for creating, sharing and moving your work.

  • PolyVision


    Flow™by Polyvision delivers limitless collaboration. From seamless full-height writing surfaces to feature walls that display brand messaging and graphics, it enhances the aesthetics and functionality of vertical wall space.

  • PolyVision


    PolyVision Mobile enables on-the-go collaboration. This two-sided mobile whiteboard features casters that lock and unlock so it can roll smoothly across the floor.

  • PolyVision


    Without a frame, the sleek and slim Sans by Polyvision can support collaboration or serve as an architectural application in a range of workplace environments.

  • PolyVision


    With a slim profile, clean edges and rounded corners, Serif™ delivers a blend of design, materiality and functionality for busy collaboration spaces in corporate and educational environments.

  • PolyVision

    Textura Mobile

    Blend sound-diffusing acoustic panels with durable CeramicSteel writing surfaces for a multi-purpose collaborative worktool on wheels.

  • PolyVision


    Customizable to any space, Workwall is a floor-to-ceiling writing surface that creates an uninterrupted workspace, enhancing collaboration and eliminating the need for multiple boards. Master panels are provided to be sized by installers on site.