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    GoBright Digital Signage is an essential part of the modern communication strategy of every organisation.

    Digital Signage Software

    Digital signage, or narrowcasting, is a system of connected displays that can show your preferred information. This can be dynamic content such as weather reports or train departures, but also static information such as company news or announcements. GoBright View is a digital signage solution that can be implemented at the office and can display functional data from other GoBright solutions.

    • Communicate with the right target group at the right moment;
    • Promotes user convenience and effectiveness;
    • Users work within the same GoBright online portal;
    • Simple ICT management, with 1 supplier;
    • User, service and support questions can be asked to the same distributor;
    • A perfect addition to the Smart Office concept.



    About GoBright

    GoBright is specialised in Smart Workplace Solutions that support modern ways of working. With the Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Management and Digital Signage solutions, GoBright brings transparency and data-based insights to the office environment. GoBright connects employees, users, and managers in the office building by creating user-friendly software. Shape your own workday, manage your space, collaborate, and communicate in a flexible working environment.

    GoBright aims to make Flexible Working possible for every employee. Based on data, choices can be made to make the office more efficient, sustainable, or it can even be redesigned, possibly saving costs. Office transformation is forged by working with GoBright.

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