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    Think is the chair with a brain and a conscience. It's intelligent enough to understand how you sit and adjust itself intuitively.






    Think is smart enough to support both impromptu collaborative work, or an all day sit needed for focused work. It intuitively adjusts as a user moves, allowing them to get to work faster.




    Think easily creates maximum customized comfort with a minimum number of adjustments.

    • Adustable arms
    • Dual-Energy lumbar
    • Integrated Liveback sytem
    • Flexible seat edge
    • Seat depth
    • Comfort dial




    Think has been an icon of sustainable design that has set a new standard in the industry.

    This new version of Think pushes sustainable design even further by incorporating more recycled content, notably in the plastic base and back frame made out of PA6 glass fiber.



    Think – Adjustability

    Think adapts cleverly to your natural movements and has simple controls that are easy to find, understand and use.

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    The Steelcase Seating Difference

    At Steelcase, we study how you work and how you feel. You inspire new seating solutions, each expressed with uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and sustainability.

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    For people who sit
    Wellbeing in the workplace

    For people who sit

    For people who sit


    Think is the simplest, most streamlined embodiment of our understanding of people who sit — and how they sit throughout the day.

    Our learnings are based on research and collaboration with universities, including the Technical University of Denmark, Michigan State University and the University of Vermont Back Research Center. To scientific studies, we add years of observational research in the
    workplace — with people who actually sit for a living.

    Wellbeing in the workplace

    Wellbeing in the workplace


    Today, we’re seeing a shift from traditional ergonomics to a more proactive solution that encourages healthy living… one that focuses on the physical, cognitive, and social needs of today’s workforce and understands how they’re related.

    For example, movement throughout the day helps increase blood flow to the brain and body, keeping you refreshed and energized.

    But what good is movement if it takes you away from your work? You also need to stay oriented to your work as you change postures.




    People need different amounts and kinds of support for each region of the back; support that can change shape to follow the motion of the back.

    Pressure map testing helped us design the back flexors to provide dynamic, continuous support for each region of your back, with no pressure points or unsupported zones. Support is evenly distributed as you move in the chair. It’s natural, fluid support that mimics your spine.




    People need to change their posture frequently to stay healthy and comfortable, and will do so if their chair allows them to recline, yet stay close to their work while reclining.

    The Think chair’s weight-activated mechanism allows you to recline without leaving your ideal vision and reach zone. So you can lean back and be comfortable, and still reach your keyboard and desk.




    People want uncomplicated adjustments.

    • The Think chair’s weight-activated mechanism recognizes your weight and adjusts itself accordingly.
    • The comfort dial allows you to select one of four positions to adjust the amount of back tension and recline.
    • Height, width, pivot and depth adjustable armrests provide personalized support for your arms.


    Life Cycle
    LEED Contribution



    Designing for Sustainability

    We believe the only way to provide the best office furniture solutions is to ensure they’re the best products for the environment. That’s why every step of the way – through design, manufacturing, delivery and product lifecycle – we consider the impact of our work on people and on the environment and uncover opportunities to make things better.

    28 %

    Up to

    recycled content by weight


    95 %

    Up to

    recyclable by weight


    Life Cycle

    Life Cycle


    Think pushes sustainable design even further by incorporating more recycled content than its previous version, notably in the plastic base and back frame made out of PA6 glass fiber. The newly incorporated recycled content significantly reduces carbon emissions: in the U.S. alone, the emission reduction is equal to 4,9 million kilometers driven


    Made by Steelcase in Sarrebourg Uses powder-coat paints: VOC-free and free of heavy metals


    Made in Europe, close to customers. 4 pieces optimised packaging to keep transport volumes as low as possible and improve filling rates. The new version of Think represents 32% of volume gained thanks to the new Ecosmart packaging.


    Designed for a long product life, with replaceable parts. Materials meet stringent health and indoor air quality criteria. Maintenance information available upon request.


    Quick and easy disassembly. Plastic parts clearly labelled for easy sorting and effective recycling. Designed to ensure responsible end of use strategies – refurbishing, charitable donation or recycling.

    LEED Contribution

    LEED Contribution

    Steelcase helps customers seeking LEED certification to identify products and programs that can contribute to LEED criteria in the categories of Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation (Ergonomics Training, Sustainability Training, Product Innovation).

    Learn about Steelcase’s direct and indirect contributions to a project’s pursuit of LEED certification across LEED’s three categories:

    • Building Design + Construction
    • Interior Design + Construction
    • Operations + Maintenance

    Since the USGBC and its certification partner, GBCI, evaluate each project individually, the role our products play in achieving LEED certification is unique to each project.



    Certifications can help you choose products that are environmentally sustainable and just right for your project. Think  has achieved the following certifications:

    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) 

    With Think we can provide an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), an environmental declaration according to the objectives of ISO 14025, based on Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14044). The purpose of an EPD is to communicate clear and transparent information about a product’s impacts on the environment at all stages of its life cycle.

    Environmental Product Declaration – Targeted

    Product Environmental Profile – Targeted

    NF Environnement – Targeted

    NF Office Excellence Certifié – Targeted

    Indoor Advantage Gold – Targeted

    OekoTex 100 – Confidence in textiles

    European Eco-Label – for textiles


    Standard + Optional Features
    Global Availability

    Standard + Optional Features

    Standard + Optional Features


    Frame Finishes

    • Black
    • Seagull
    • Platinum Metallic

     3D Knit Fabrics

    • Coconut 02
    • Beige 10
    • Scarlet 14
    • Black 01
    • Pepper 11
    • Blue Jay 15
    • Royal Blue 16
    • Navy Blue 03
    • Apple Green 12
    • Nickel 17
    • Orange 13
    • Autumn Brown 05


    • Task chair – coat hanger available in option
    • Task chair  – headrest available in option
    • Visitor chair sled base
    • Visitor chair 4-leg base
    • Meeting chair with 4-star base on glides (low backrest)
    • Meeting chair with 5-star base on glides (high backrest)
    • Draughtsman chair – headrest available in option
    • Task and visitors chair available with armrests in option



    DIMENSIONS (mm) Task Chair with/without armrests Draughtman chair with/without armrests
    Overall length 970 1130
    Overall width 520/730 520/730
    Overall depth 580 580
    Diameter base 660 660

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • Africa
    • Asia Pacific
    • Central America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • North America
    • South America
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