Steelcase and GoBright are collaborating to help employees work faster, better, and more efficiently through applied office technology. Users can now check the availability of workspaces and book any space in seconds.


About GoBright

GoBright offers smart software for room booking, desk booking, visitor registration and digital signage solutions, that fit together perfectly and are easy to use.

GoBright was founded in 2016, when the company saw opportunities in the market to use smart technologies to make working in the office easier, smarter, and more efficient.

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Seamless Integration

The GoBright platform can integrate with various systems including Microsoft 365, Google GSuite, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Outlook and various FMIS systems. As a result, the wishes and possibilities of people, processes, systems and technology connect even better. This makes it interesting for facility and IT managers to work with smart office solutions.

GoBright sets extremely high standards when it comes to user-friendliness, quality, innovation, and connectivity with other systems and data security. GoBright is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.