Steelcase is committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the creation of our products.

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Addressing Climate Change

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. Human activity has already warmed the world by about 1°C since pre-industrial times.

Despite efforts made by governments and other actors, total human-caused greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Under current trajectories, global mean temperatures are projected to increase by 2.2°C to 4.4°C by the end of this century. Companies have a pivotal role and interest in ensuring global temperature does not exceed 1.5°C, but most existing company targets are not enough.

If additional warming can be limited by only half a degree to 1.5°C rather than 2°C, several hundred million fewer people may be exposed to climate-related risk and susceptible to poverty by 2050, including ten million fewer exposed to the risk of rising seas (IPCC 2018 Summary Report for Policymakers).

Carbon Goals

Impact Stories

Overview of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Breakdown of Scopes

Scope 1 Emissions

Direct emissions that result from owned and controlled activities and where the emissions are generated at the location where consumption takes place.

Examples: Natural gas used to heat our manufacturing buildings and large offices, diesel fuel for generators, jet fuel for corporate jets, etc.

Scope 2 Emissions

Indirect emissions that come from the production of the electricity used for owned and controlled activities, but where the emissions occur at the site of generation.

Examples: Electric Power generated by power plants to support the manufacturing equipment, lighting and other needs of our owned and operated assets.

Scope 3 Emissions

All other indirect emissions that come from supporting activities of the company, but occur from sources not owned or controlled by the company.

Examples: Purchased goods and services, business travel and employee commuting, transportation of product to customers, manufacturing waste, etc.


Steelcase Carbon Strategy Projected Pathway

We're carbon neutral now and we've set science-based targets on a 1.5C pathway. We are doing the hard work to reduce absolute emissions by 50% in our own facilities by 2030

See Forward-Looking Statement


Steelcase Product Carbon Strategy

Similar to how we measure and manage carbon emissions at our corporate level, we are implementing it with products.

Steelcase has a rigorous design for environment framework that reinforces product development with lifecycle thinking. We are continuously improving our product development process to consider our impact on climate change.

When customers purchase products like office furniture, it contributes to Scope 3 emissions. Emissions in this scope include purchased goods and services. By providing furniture choices that are carbon neutral, we help customers achieve their climate goals more quickly.

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