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Our Path to Net Zero

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A letter from Sara Armbruster
Steelcase President and CEO

We are at a moment of transformation for our business and the world we share. The reality of climate change demands that people and the planet are central to the choices we make to forge a more resilient future.

To meet the challenges of the climate crisis, we are leading with possibility, making bold choices and taking decisive action on our path to a net-zero future. Our aspiration is to transform the way we do business now and into the future.

Cover of Steelcase net-zero transition report, "The Power of Possibility: A net-zero future needs us all"

Read our net-zero transition plan: The Power of Possibility.


We have already established some of the most ambitious carbon-reduction goals at a greater global scale than anyone in our industry and we are on track to reduce carbon emissions 50% in our operations by 2030.

Circle chart reflecting Steelcase carbon emissions. Products are 66%, operations 18% and transportation 16% from a total of 990,640 metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent (MTCO2e).
Our sources of carbon emissions (based on FY20)

Our commitment to building a net-zero future cuts carbon emissions over 90% by 2050 throughout our entire value chain which encompasses what we make (our products), how we make them (our operations) and the ways we deliver them (our transportation).

Our long history of commitment to the planet laid the foundation for greater impact through collective action. The progress we’ve made creates a world of possibilities for the future.

Our path to net zero reflects the achievement of our absolute near- and long-term science-based targets. We are also working hard to achieve our science-based supplier engagement target representing a key foundation for achieving net zero.

Our role as a leader in the world of work demands that we develop and transparently share our ambitious – and achievable – plan for reaching our net-zero goal.

We impact the lives of people and organizations around the world every day by helping them do their best work by creating places that work better. Please join us in designing a better future for people and the planet because better is possible.


Net Zero by 2050

The Power of Possibility

The Power of Possibility

A net-zero future needs us all.

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