Trends and Insights in Higher Education  

Today, amidst all the changes in education, both educators and designers of learning spaces are rethinking the classroom, looking for a comprehensive space that incorporates user-friendly technology, flexible furniture, and other new tools that support active learning. Libraries are changing, too, evolving from the book warehouses to places for group and individual learning. All over campus, hallways, commons areas, cafes, and other in-between spaces are extending the learning experience. Every space on today’s campus is a learning space.

The question then becomes, “amidst all the change and challenges, how can today’s campus best be utilized?” Here you’ll find a holistic look at today’s campus, sharing research, insights, design principles, case studies, and customer stories for each unique learning space on your campus.

Insights and Applications Guide

The guide provides the latest thinking on spaces all around campus, including research, design guidelines and applications. Also included are our higher education product offerings in seating, tables, visual work tools, technology and faculty stations. Learn more.