Webinar: Technology’s Impact on Learning

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Digital transformation is impacting teaching and learning at every level, putting pressure on learning spaces to do more.

Successfully braiding physical and digital learning experiences requires a better understanding of technology’s impact on active learning, skill development and the overall wellbeing of students.

Discover how Arizona State University, Atlanta Public Schools, Zoom and Steelcase address the intersection of space and technology through hybrid learning, esports, immersive learning experiences and more. Plus, learn from your peers with real-time audience polls and our panel will answer your questions live.

Host: Katie Pace, Steelcase Global Communications Director


    • Stephanie Pierotti, Director, ShapingEDU, Arizona State University
    • Dr. Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Technology, Atlanta Public Schools
    • Pat La Morte, Global Education Lead, Zoom
    • Andrew Kim, Education Researcher, Steelcase

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Technology’s Impact on Learning

Technology’s Impact on Learning

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