Education Research 

Campus research drives our active learning solutions.  

The changes in education today are a challenge we have studied for years -- and continue to study as we develop insight-led products for the 21st-century campus. We engage in various studies with schools at all levels, observing educators at work and testing design principles, product ideas and applications. We're going to school practically every day, listening and learning, working with teachers, students and administrators to create new, innovative, active learning spaces.

Insights and Applications Guide - Version 4

The guide provides the latest thinking on spaces all around campus, including research, design guidelines and applications. Also included are our product offerings for learning spaces in seating, tables, visual work tools, technology and faculty stations. Learn more.

White Paper: How Classroom Design Affects Student Engagement

Improving educational outcomes is a nearly universal goal, but how to achieve it remains a focus of continuing research and debate.New data from ongoing Steelcase Education studies shows that classrooms designed for active learning have a significant effect on student engagement. Learn more.

White Paper: Technology-Empowered Learning

Steelcase Education researchers conducted a design research study at 16 schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States to better understand the dynamics and spatial implications of technology-empowered learning. Six spatial insights emerged for blended learning environments that achieve maximum results for students and instructors.
Learn more.

Rethinking Higher Education Spaces
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Individual articles:
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   Making Noise in the Library


Midterm Review: Colleges put Steelcase LearnLab to the test
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