Steelcase Education Overview 

Active learning solutions can improve student success 

At Steelcase, we are focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. Through our insight-led research and innovation in furniture, tools and technologies for learning spaces, we have a passion for understanding how learning best takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help.

Amidst all the changes in students, technology and education, we are working with educators and designers to rethink classrooms, libraries, common areas and other in between spaces to incorporate user-friendly technology, flexible furniture and other tools to support active learning. Our professional development and training programs help to foster learning and continuing education for instructors. And, our commitment to education remains at the forefront of everything we do, now and in the future.


Steelcase is a proud E&I Cooperative Services partner. E&I is the member‐owned, not‐for‐profit sourcing cooperative delivering expertise, solutions and services to higher education and related institutions. E&I provides members with access to a diverse portfolio of competitively awarded contracts, electronic procurement platforms, and consulting services to help them source effectively. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of more than 3,000 member institutions, E&I helps members reduce costs and optimize supply chain efficiencies. The Cooperative’s member‐driven competitive solicitation process meets generally accepted procurement standards. For more information, please visit: