Steelcase Foundation 

Established to make grants to non-profit organizations, projects and programs in the communities where our employees live and work. 

Foundation Information

Established in 1951, the Foundation focuses on the areas of human service, health, education, community development, the arts and the environment – giving particular concern to people who are disadvantaged, disabled, young and elderly as they attempt to improve the quality of their lives.

Steelcase founders and original trustees Walter Idema and David Hunting Sr. established the Foundation as an independent trust to support "charitable, scientific, literary or educational" causes. Carrying the founders' vision forward, today's trustees and staff believe that:

  • People are the bottom line
  • Improving the human condition is all-important
  • Approaching problems holistically leads to imaginative and often dramatic solutions

Our Foundation has evolved into more than a grantmaking institution. It has become a catalyst for partnerships and problem-solving across sectors – non-profit, for-profit and government.

While the Foundation operates independently of Steelcase Inc., it complements corporate efforts by:

  • Supporting communities where Steelcase has manufacturing facilities
  • Matching employee gifts to educational and community organizations, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 per year


Julie Ridenour


Julie Ridenour


 Phyllis Gebben
Coordinator of Donations

Board of Trustees

Elizabeth Welch Lykins
Mary Anne Hunting
Kate Pew Wolters
Craig Niemann
James P. Keane
Mary Goodwillie Nelson
Robert C. Pew III


The Steelcase Foundation
P.O. Box 1967 GH-4E
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501-1967