Room to Roam

Encourage everyone to contribute whether they're physically present or dialing in from afar. Focus nooks give people a place to break away and develop their own point of view before returning to the team.
Steelcase Roam,Steelcase Roam 19 Open image tooltip

Roam Mobile Stand

Surface Hub 2, turning any place into teamwork space. Roam where you want to.

Sterling conference chair with 5 star chrome base on wheels by West Elm Open image tooltip
West Elm Work

Sterling Conference Chair

The sculptural silhouette and retro-inspired base of Sterling pay homage to Midcentury design. Crafted and designed for the workplace, Sterling offers a generous sit for extended comfort.

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Surface Hub 2S

Enable teamwork anywhere with new Surface Hub 2S, an all-in-one digital whiteboard, meeting platform, and collaborative computing device that brings the power of Windows 10 to teamwork.

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B-Free Beam

The B-Free Beam encourages postural changes promoting wellbeing while boosting creative thinking and engagement. A wide range of materials and finishes allow you to customize B-Free Beam.

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Lagunitas Focus Nook

Lagunitas Focus Nook offers users a touch-down destination for doing focused tasks in a traditional work posture—optimizing space within the open plan, while staying centered and free from distractions.

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Steelcase Flex Collection products used to create workstations for a group of people Open image tooltip

Space on Demand

Steelcase Flex Collection creates dynamic neighborhoods that let teams adapt their space—fast.

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an office environment featuring migration height-adjustable desks, steelcase series 1 chairs, and an answer fence. a snapcab pod with coalesse enea lottus stool is seen nearby. Open image tooltip

Temporary Touchdown

This touchdown workspace offers privacy with Steelcase Answer Fence, Sarto Screens.

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It’s Personal

Steelcase Sylvi Lounge System and Orangebox Avi Lounge Chair invite you in when you’re ready to connect.

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Two workstations with Ology height adjustable desks, Amia Air desk chairs, Currency storage, and Dash Mini desk lamps Open image tooltip

Quick Switch

Steelcase Currency Storage and High Density Storage let you keep work tools close at hand so you can stay in flow.

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Enea Lottus bar-height stools are shown next to a Montara650 table beside an Orangebox Air23 pod with West Elm Slope Lounge Chairs and a Bolia Mix coffee table Open image tooltip

Spontaneous Connections

The Orangebox Air3 Pod and Coalesse Enea Lottus Stools provide sleek spaces for impromptu face time.

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SILQ desk chair and Bolia C3 chairs next to a West Elm Work Greenpoint Private Office Desk Open image tooltip

Contemporary Comfort

This private office features clean lines and finishes from the West Elm Work Greenpoint Private Desk and Credenza.

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Meeting space with Coalesse Enea Lottus stools around a Montara650 table. A Blu Dot Splash coat rack and PolyVision Sans CeramicSteel whiteboard are also seen. Open image tooltip

Front Porch

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S with Steelcase Roam Wall Mount and PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel Sans promote teamwork.

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Social environment with Orangebox Away from the Desk lounge, Turnstone Alight ottoman, Verlay table, and Node Wave 6 chairs Open image tooltip

Away from the Desk

Away from the Desk, Verlay Table and Node Chairs create a private cove for team connections and solo work.

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A meeting area for a larger group features a B-Free table and B-Free Beam with Nooi stools with individual work areas nearby created with Lagunitas Focus Nooks Open image tooltip

Room to Roam

Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand developed with Microsoft for the Surface Hub 2S lets you collaborate almost anywhere.

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