This open design thinking space encourages the building of collective intelligence, particularly for design-thinking projects like reinventing processes or designing experiences.

There’s plenty of space to display ideas on the boards or large monitor and room to review and gather feedback from many people.


445 sq ft

Products in this application:

Potrero415 Round Table, Montara650 Stool, Currency Open Workwall, Campfire Skate Table, B-Free Small Cube, Umami Lounge System, Campfire Big Table, Montara650 Lounge Chair, Bassline Table, Enea Lottus Stool, Steelcase Flex Collection

Products Steelcase Flex Collection, Umami Lounge System, Montara650 Lounge, B-Free, Potrero415, Enea Lottus Seating, Montara650 Seating, Bassline Occasional Tables, Currency, Campfire Big Table, Campfire Skate Table
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Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Enea Lottus; Stool-Bar height, Sled base, Upholstered insert COEL400UPH
COEL400UPH 3 $793.00 $2,379.00
Potrero415;Tbl-Stdng H,Rnd COFOFRDST
COFOFRDST 1 $6,278.00 $6,278.00
Montara650;Lnge chair COSFZLC
COSFZLC 1 $1,040.00 $1,040.00
Montara650;Stool COSFZST
COSFZST 5 $1,036.00 $5,180.00
Flex;Wll rail-Pkg FLXWRPKG
FLXWRPKG 2 $2,950.00 $5,900.00
B-Free;Cube,Sm,16 45/64x17 3/32x16 45/64 N3LCUBES
N3LCUBES 1 $529.00 $529.00
Umami;Lnge-Cnr,Sgl STLLNGCR1
STLLNGCR1 1 $2,771.00 $2,771.00
Umami;Lnge-Str,Dbl STLLNGST2
STLLNGST2 2 $3,828.00 $7,656.00
Umami;Scrn-Std STLSCRPL
STLSCRPL 2 $524.00 $1,048.00
Campfire; Big Table-Half depth, 96W x 24D x 40H TS4TLH40
TS4TLH40 1 $2,110.00 $2,110.00
Campfire; Skate table, 18D x 22W x 24 7/8H TS4TST
TS4TST 2 $575.00 $1,150.00
Workwall-Bookcase, 1 open, 69W x 72H TS5TLOBW723
TS5TLOBW723 1 $2,817.00 $2,817.00
Bassline;Tbl-Sq/Rect TSBLNTRS
TSBLNTRS 1 $751.00 $751.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $39,609.00