Occasional Tables

Bassline Occasional Tables 

by Steelcase
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    Anchor any lounge area with the foundational elegance of Bassline Occasional Tables. Choose from standard or custom materials, and a huge range of shapes and sizes. An admirable centerpiece.

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    • Custom materials and luxury finishes
    • Family of standard options for tops
    • Endless finish options for the legs
    • Laminate or veneer top
    • Painted steels base and legs
    • 13″ tall

    Shapes and Sizes

    • Square – small, large
    • Rectangle – small, medium, large
    • Oval – small, medium, large
    • Racetrack – small, medium, large
    • Round – small, large


    Surface Materials

    Standard Table Top

    • All Steelcase High-Pressure Laminates (HPL)
    • All Steelcase Low-Pressure Laminates (LPL)
    • All Steelcase Open Line Laminates (OLL)
    • Assorted Veneers
    • Glass
    • Corian
    • Forbo


    • Steelcase Standard paints
    • Steelcase Accent paints
    • Lux Coatings
    • Unlimited number of custom paints available through our PerfectMatch program

    Bassline Tables

    Bassline Collection
    Standard Offerings
    Custom Tops

    Bassline Collection

    Bassline Collection

    Introducing Bassline: The office is Singing a New Song. 

    The bassline of your favorite song defines the sound. Hints at the genre. Sets the tempo. In the same way, Turnstone’s new Bassline table defines the office. Hints at the culture. Sets the tone for work.

    Bassline makes it easy to create a table that’s uniquely yours. Choose from our full line of standard tops and finishes, or put your personality on display with your favorite custom top. With Bassline, inspiration and elegance go hand in hand.

    Standard Offerings

    Standard Offerings


    Your space deserves more than plodding and predictable. It deserves careful attention to curated design, custom materials and luxury finishes.Choose from a family of standard options for Bassline’s tops, and endless finish options for the legs.

    Custom Tops

    Custom Tops

    Creating a one-of-a-kind table has never been easier. Bassline’s innovative platform supports up to 800 pounds so you can add anything from reclaimed barn doors to grandpa’s workbench top. Representing you and highlighting your personality is what Bassline is all about.

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    Designing for Sustainability

    We’re working toward better futures for the planet by recognizing our role in climate change and reducing our environmental impact, to help build a more sustainable and resilient world. We do this by making, sourcing and delivering products that help reduce our carbon footprint, designing for circularity, and choosing and using materials responsibly. ​

    The Bassline table base is a sustainable way to revamp a room. We took its sustainable design one step further by collaborating with three suppliers that share our commitments to a better future. ChopValue creates engineered wood through a unique process of pressing recycled chopsticks. Cambium Carbon has developed “Carbon Smart Wood™”, a sustainable innovation made from repurposed wood which would otherwise be discarded. Finally, Azure Furniture transforms unused wood from dead trees, often killed by Mountain Pine Beetles. Pairing the Bassline table base with any of the beautiful wood top solutions is the perfect way to sustainably enhance any space.​

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